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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

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Fashion has always represented a powerful form of escapism, and usually, it's right about now—in the dog days of summer—that people lucky enough to get away for a little start plotting their escapes to some faraway locale to forget about the world for a month or so. Of course, not a lot of us are traveling like we used to. But COS' recently launched capsule collection centers around the idea of flying the proverbial coop, and, short of any concrete travels plans this year, it's looking like an (almost) ideal alternative.The collection's seaside-inspired aesthetic, made up of simple, summery designs, couldn't be timelier. If you're looking for a perfect seasonal pick-me-up you've come to the right place.

"To The Sea" is composed of the sort of light, airy pieces the brand is famous for, all made with an emphasis on sustainable production methods, incorporating fabrics from the Better Cotton Initiative and deadstock material left over from previous production runs. In a press release, Christophe Copin, head of menswear design at COS, writes poignantly about the vivid sensations he associates with the ocean—the way the sun, sand, and breeze can trigger your senses and bring back memories of time spent by the sea.

If all that sounds a bit too zen for you, feel free to tune out. Because at the end of the day the clothing speaks for itself, and if you're not convinced by all the highfalutin marketing speak take a look at the collection in its entirety and then get back to me. (That's what I thought, punk.)

In a largely tonal color palette made up of shades of sandy whites and cool blues, the collection concisely evokes the essence of the sea through easily wearable pieces that represent a small wardrobe's-worth of nuanced design ideas, incorporating heavily draped volumes and dramatic proportions with aplomb.

Though the collection technically launches in U.S. stores and online starting tomorrow, July 24, the team at COS is currently offering you, dear reader, exclusive early access to the entire damn thing, so you can shop at a nice leisurely pace without worrying about all the best shit selling out.

You're supposed to be taking it easy, remember? Aaah. I can almost smell the sea.

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