Shop These 17 Halloween Pajamas for Your Next Scary Movie Night!

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Halloween is one of those wonderful holidays that can be celebrated in so many ways. From pumpkin patches and pies to haunted houses and corn mazes, the activities to get you into the haunted mood are endless. One way to spread the holiday cheer is to host a Halloween movie night. Whether it's with your crew or your boo, watching a classic scary movie can raise your holiday spirits.

Go all out by treating yourself to new Halloween-themed pajamas. The internet is full of ideas to make your event a spooktacular celebration, as well as pajama styles to go along with the theme. Finding the right balance of comfort and mystique is key in a sleep set, as you’ll want the mobility to curl up under a blanket during any potential scary scenes! Don’t forget something to snuggle with too.

We’ve curated an assortment of the most kooky and haunting styles the internet has to offer. From printed sets and edgy graphic tees, to nightgowns and sleepshirts, there’s bound to be a fit here for your next spooky slumber party. And don’t worry, we’ve tried to help you narrow down what to watch with movie recommendations based on your favorite pajama style! So what are you waiting for? Halloween is just around the corner. Grab some PJs, make a seasonal charcuterie board, and prepare to enjoy a classic Halloween film with your besties!

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Best Halloween Pajamas

Disney Mickey Mouse Women's and Women's Plus Halloween Joggers, $12.98 at Walmart

There’s nothing like a brand new pair of comfy pants to make us excited about the temperature dropping! This pair by Disney uses two different colorways of the same fabric to create a funky contrast effect. The print shows Mickey, Minnie and Goofy on a trick-or-treating adventure. Pair these with any oversized tee for the ultimate comfy cool ensemble. Disney Mickey Mouse Women's and Women's Plus Halloween Joggers, $12.98 at Walmart

Movie Pick: The Haunted Mansion (2003)

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Funny Halloween Dog Pajama Shirt, $13.07 on Amazon, $13.07 on Amazon

Dog lovers will adore these pups dressed up as ghosts! Available in 10 different color options and three fits—women, men, youth—this spooky tee shirt is sure to be a hit for the whole family. It would look great with either of the pants in this article, or just about anything else you have on hand! The fabric is soft enough that you’ll want to wear this one out of the house too. We won’t tell anyone it’s a PJ top! Funny Halloween Dog Pajama Shirt, $13.07 on Amazon

Movie Pick: Scary Movie (2000)

Avanova Women's Pajama Set, $14.99-$26.99 on Amazon

This silky sleep set is on-theme without overdoing it. A simple cat and moon motif is printed on the luxe black fabric. The button-down short sleeve shirt and short combo makes for a cool breezy wear. White piping details add a crisp final touch to this elevated option. Avanova Women's Pajama Set, $14.99-$26.99 on Amazon

Movie Pick: The Addams Family (1991)

Way To Celebrate! Halloween Family Pajama Set, $17.98 at Walmart

The ancient-inspired costume has been transformed into a modern and punchy PJ set with a whimsical print. Spiders, eyes and fingers can be seen poking through the unraveling wrap. The word “Mummy” is printed across the chest in the same orange color as the collar, sleeve and pant leg contrast trim. It even comes in a variety of fits so the entire family or friend group can match. Way To Celebrate! Halloween Family Pajama Set, $17.98 at Walmart

Movie Pick: The Mummy (1999)

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Netflix Stranger Things 2-Piece Pajama Set, $17.99 at Walmart

Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things has inspired a million Halloween costumes and even some Halloween pajamas. This set features a graphic tee of the core group—Lucas, Will, Eleven, Mike and Dustin—from season three. The title text is above the group, as well as in the print the shorts come in. Red contrast stitching adds a vintage touch to the retro-inspired sleep set. Netflix Stranger Things 2-Piece Pajama Set, $17.99 at Walmart

Movie Pick: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Way to Celebrate! Horror Lounger Sleepshirt with Socks, $18.98 at Walmart

For an alternative to the much-loved matching top and bottom style, opt for this sleep shirt and sock set. Perfect for days when pants are just simply too much! Available in four distinct colorways each with their own unique graphic. Our favorite is this "Horror Movies and Chill" variety for creatively integrating classic slasher film icons into the graphic print. Way to Celebrate! Horror Lounger Sleepshirt with Socks, $18.98 at Walmart

Movie Pick: Halloween (1978)

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DIDK Women's Sleepwear Pajama Set, $20.99 on Amazon

Witch, please! This sassy graphic tee and printed short combo makes a major statement while keeping you comfy with its breathable fabric. You could totally pair the top with a black skirt and hat for a modern witch look, should you need a last-minute costume! DIDK Women's Sleepwear Pajama Set, $20.99 on Amazon

Movie Pick: The Craft (1996)

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ENJOYNIGHT Women's Pajama Set, $21.99 (originally $39.99) on Amazon

Cat lovers will be excited to learn that this precious set is 45% off! A relaxed silhouette makes this tee shirt and short combination the purrrrfect option for a comfy sleepover fit. The fabric is thin enough to keep you cool while you sleep and is easy to layer on top of too. A random pattern of curious kitty faces covers the fabric, utilizing a minimal outline style. ENJOYNIGHT Women's Pajama Set, $21.99 (originally $39.99) on Amazon

Movie Pick: Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996)

Disney Women's and Women's Plus Nightmare Before Christmas Union Suit, $22.98 at Walmart

Spooky meets cozy with this Disney onesie. Its relaxed fit and roomy hood make it ideal for chilly movie nights. Made of a soft fleece fabric printed with an all-over pattern featuring cats, bats, spiders and Jack himself! The style is complete with cuff details on the sleeves and pant legs, two front pockets and a zip-front closure. Disney Women's and Women's Plus Nightmare Before Christmas Union Suit, $22.98 at Walmart

Movie Pick: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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Laqeyko PJ Set, $24.99 on Amazon

This cute yet hilarious PJ set is sure to make all your pals giggle at the next scary movie night. The sleep shorts are made from a printed fabric featuring skeleton bodies and heads in animated positions, as if they are laughing with us. The short sleeve tee features two skeleton hand outlines across the chest area. We’re not sure if the wearer is the skeleton—but we are sure it’ll get a reaction! Laqeyko PJ Set, $24.99 on Amazon

Movie Pick: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Hyde & EEK! Boutique Women's Halloween Matching Family Pajama Set, $25 at Target

Covered in smiling jack-o-lanterns, this two-piece PJ set comes in fits for everybody, including a plus size range. Made from a mid-weight and ultra-soft fabric, it's well-suited for keeping you warm throughout movie nights and dropping temps. The black background of the otherwise bright orange print creates a bold visual. A comfortable scoop neck and contrast cuff accents finish off the look. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Women's Halloween Matching Family Pajama Set, $25 at Target

Movie Pick: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

Ekouaer Nightgown, $26.99 on Amazon

This nightgown possesses the unique quality of being able to be worn by a toddler, a college student or a grandmother. The quirky print includes cheerful ghosts, skeletons, jack-o'-lanterns and more. Its scoop neck, short flutter sleeves and relaxed silhouette allow the nightgown to be comfortable and breathable. Leggings or bike shorts can be layered under this for chillier spaces! Ekouaer Nightgown, $26.99 on Amazon

Movie Pairing: Midsommar (2019)

URATOT Glow in The Dark Halloween Onesie, $31.99 on Amazon

Spooky, scary skeletons? Sign us up! This pajama onesie is made with a glow-in-the-dark bone design down the entire front. Its slightly relaxed shape makes for a flattering fit while still being comfortable. Reviewers say that the material is thick yet breathable, making this a versatile piece for costume contests and slumber parties alike. URATOT Glow in The Dark Halloween Onesie, $31.99 on Amazon

Movie Pairing: The Skeleton Key (2005)

Nite Nite Munki Munki Women's Classic PJ Set, $31.51 on Amazon

This sleep set is made from the most adorable fabric. Orange, yellow and cream pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns cover the gray background. Tens of happy round black cats sit and lay among the pumpkin patch print. The classic short sleeve collar style is outlined with an orange contrast piping accent. Its interesting yet autumnal color combination results in a totally elevated ensemble for rest. Nite Nite Munki Munki Women's Classic PJ Set, $31.51 on Amazon

Movie Pick: Practical Magic (1998)

FUNZIEZ! Ghost Jumpsuit, $32.99 on Amazon

This unisex ghost jumpsuit doubles as a quick costume and cozy PJs! The fit of the jumpsuit is super relaxed, with a drop-crotch, winged sleeves and an oversized hood. A huge ghost face motif on the front body adds the final spooky touch. FUNZIEZ! Ghost Jumpsuit, $32.99 on Amazon

Movie Pick: Casper (1995)

Roshop Halloween Pajamas Set, $49.99 on Amazon

This jack-o'-lantern set has such fun and festive details! The orange cotton blend fabric is constructed into a relaxed drop-shoulder henley top and matching drawstring shorts. A balloon sleeve design and ruffle hem detail on the shorts add to its chic feel. A carved pumpkin face outline is printed across the front of the top. For colder climates, throw on a pair of cozy black sweatpants with the top. Roshop Halloween Pajamas Set, $49.99 on Amazon

Movie Pick: Double Trouble Toil and Trouble (1993)

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Motherhood Maternity Halloween Pajama Set, $50.99 at Target

Perfect for expecting moms trying to stay comfy through the holidays, this magical set of maternity pajamas takes major inspiration from an iconic Halloween song. “I put a spell on you” is printed in purple on the black shirt, surrounded by glitter and a magic wand. Striped purple and black tights amp up the witchy vibes while maximizing comfort. Motherhood Maternity Halloween Pajama Set, $50.99 at Target

Movie Pairing: Hocus Pocus (1993)

Bonus: Sanfiago Halloween Slippers, $24.99 on Amazon

These spooky jack-o'-lantern slippers add a seasonal touch to your everyday. Wear them year-round if you're into that, we won't tell! Sanfiago Halloween Slippers, $24.99 on Amazon

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