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Shoes for running and jogging
Shoes for running and jogging

Do you have a wider toe silhouette with a mountain or square shape? If so, wearing regular sneakers or boots can cause discomfort and unbearable pain to your feet, just after a few minutes of walking. For a more comfortable fit, consider a pair of shoes designed for wide feet.

These specially designed shoes have a wider toe box to let you move your toes flexibly and freely without any constraint. Their cushioned insoles and thick outsole offer enhanced comfort and grip, respectively. With so many options to choose from on the market, we rounded up and reviewed the highest-rated shoes for wide feet in 2022.

Top Picks

Best overall: Puma Carina Shoes For Wide Feet

A women's sneaker from Puma
A women's sneaker from Puma

With a classic retro design and tennis silhouette, this pair of shoes elevates your everyday comfort. Featuring a perforated, all-leather upper, it can last for a long time without showing any signs of damage earlier than expected. The soft sock liner and cushioned footbed offer ultimate step-in comfort and reduce aches from your feet. Similarly, its rubber outsole creates excellent grip and traction to help you walk comfortably on most surfaces. This pair also features a platform base to boost your height while keeping the cushion layer safe from physical damage. Thanks to the full lace top closure and intricate Puma detailing, these sneakers are the best pair on our list.

Key Features:

  • Available in 11 colors

  • Has a high platform heel with even thickness

  • Made of leather, rubber and synthetic material

  • Women’s sizes from 5.5 to 11

  • Lightweight shoes weighing 2.1 pounds

Most affordable: Easy Spirit Shoes For Wide Feet

Shoes for women with wide feet
Shoes for women with wide feet

When you have plantar fasciitis or orthopedic problems in the lower limbs, you cannot choose just any random shoe for yourself. This is where the Easy Spirit Shoes For Wide Feet come into the scene. Featuring a removable sock liner, this pair provides exceptional orthotic support for comfortable walking. It comes with a shock-absorbing footbed to offer arch support and reduce pain from your heel and feet. An all-leather exterior makes it highly durable and best for everyday comfort. With an easy-on and easy-off construction, you won't have to deal with any trouble wearing this footwear. Its mesh exterior lining also enhances its overall breathability and prevents mold growth.

Key Features:

  • Available in 20 colors

  • Low heel height for arch support

  • Made of 100% leather and rubber sole

  • Standard, wide, and narrow women’s sizes

  • Weighs only 2 pounds for everyday wear

Most lightweight: New Balance Shoes For Wide Feet

A women's fuelcore nergize v1 from New Balance
A women's fuelcore nergize v1 from New Balance

Featuring a performance fit with a bootie upper, this pair of shoes hug your feet snugly and offer maximum comfort. Its synthetic upper and mesh lining has reduced the overall weight to prevent a bulky feel on your feet. It comes with a REVlite midsole to provide an ultralight cushion and a higher response time for more comfort. It also reduces damage to the overall footwear and enhances overall durability. Reinforced with a memory sole insert, these shoes offer a plush feel while ensuring your foot doesn't ache after long wear. On top of this, it comes with an easy slip-on design and a half-closure lace structure for added support and better fit.

Key Features:

  • Available in 12 colors

  • Medium-high heels for better performance

  • Made of 100% synthetic material and rubber

  • Women’s standard and wide sizes

  • Extremely light at only 1 pound

Fashionable design: WHITIN Shoes For Wide Feet

A men's minimalist trail runner from WHITIN
A men's minimalist trail runner from WHITIN

With a mountain front shape and flat silhouette, this athletic trainer is perfect for people with longer first and second toes or a flat arch. It features a neoprene upper with perforated detailing for everyday comfort. The wide toe box enables you to move your toes easily without feeling any compression. To offer more support, the footwear comes with adjustable lace and Velcro strap closure. After removing its insole or sock liner, you can enjoy a full barefoot feeling. Thanks to its rubber sole, this pair offers excellent protection and safety. Its texture base creates enough traction to make walking easier for you, regardless of the floor type. It also comes with a zero-drop platform to enhance body posture and reduce impact.

Key Features:

  • Available in 18 colors

  • Has an almost-flat heel

  • Made of fabric and rubber sole

  • Men’s sizes between 7 and 15

  • Weighs 1.17 pounds

Optimal comfort: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes For Wide Feet

Men's dual strap wide width shoes
Men's dual strap wide width shoes

This pair of shoes for wide feet from Dr. Scholl’s is excellent for people needing additional orthotic support. Its high arch offers outstanding support, ensuring you won't have to add an external insole. It comes in a bulky silhouette with a wide toe box to enable you to stretch your toes easily without any restrictions. Featuring faux leather upper with mesh lining, these shoes for wide feet last for a long time and offer high durability and comfort. Its air-pillow gel insole absorbs shocks and provides outstanding comfort for everyday wear. The rubber outsole also has enough thickness to protect these shoes from external damage.

Key Features:

  • Available in two colors

  • Comes with a high heel structure

  • Made of faux leather, mesh, and rubber

  • Men’s wide sizes range from 8 to 13

  • Weighs 1.9 pounds

Buying guide: Shoes for wide feet

Choosing the optimal pair of shoes for wide feet from so many options can leave you utterly confused and overwhelmed. As the selected footwear impacts your comfort level and ease of walking, there shouldn’t be any room for compromises. Considering the troubles you might encounter, we have curated a detailed buying guide to help you make the best purchase decision.

What differentiates shoes for wide feet from regular shoes?

If you don’t know the differences between the shoes for wide feet and regular sneakers, choosing the right pair for you may be difficult. These are the main differences that you should consider:

1. A pair of shoes for wide feet comes with a wider toe box to give you space to flex and stretch your toes. A pair of regular sneakers won't offer this level of flexibility.

2. With a pair of shoes for wide feet, you won’t suffer from compression on your feet. But if you wear regular sneakers, your toes and feet bones will ache due to less room inside.

3. Walking for long hours with shoes for wide feet is much easier than regular sneakers.

Key factors to consider when choosing shoes for wide feet

  • Shoe size: Like with other footwear, shoes for wide feet come in different sizes; you must choose a pair with a snug fit. If your chosen product is too small, it will compress your feet and cause blisters due to excessive pressure and heat. On the contrary, when you select a pair of shoes for wide feet with one size large construction, it may come off your feet while walking. So, you need to choose footwear with a perfect fit that won't cause any discomfort.

  • Upper: Most shoes for wide feet feature an all-leather upper as it outlasts most synthetic fabric and offers excellent protection to your feet. But you should remember that it is heavier and might cause problems with walking. So, if you want light shoes, go for a pair of synthetic upper sneakers.

  • Closure: The three closure types in wide-feet shoes are full, half-lace and a combination of lace and Velcro. For better adjustability, go for footwear with either full or half-lace closure. On the other hand, a pair of shoes for wide feet with lace and Velcro closure is perfect for having extra support around your feet.

  • Insole: Most shoes for wide feet have thick, cushioned insoles to ensure you can walk comfortably without feeling any pain in your feet. If you want orthotic support, check if the insole has an arched structure or not. Similarly, when you need footwear with a highly responsive sock liner, it needs to have memory foam construction.

  • Outsole: The shoes for wide feet usually come with a thick rubber outsole. It adds more traction to the shoes and ensures safe walking on any floor. You must check if the outsole can protect the insole cushion from any external damage or not.

How to properly maintain shoes for wide feet

If you want the selected pair of shoes for wide feet to last for long, you must follow a proper care routine. In the below section, we illustrated a couple of ways through which you can make your footwear last for longer.

  • Do not wear shoes for wide feet in heavy rain as water can damage the insole

  • Never remove the insole from the shoes unless stated otherwise

  • If you want to clean the upper, use a toothbrush and gently scrub its surface

  • Use cleaning solutions with no harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric

  • Do not use heat to dry the pair of shoes for wide feet as that can damage the insole and the upper fabric

People also asked

Q: Will I get enough room to move my toes after wearing my shoes for wide feet?

A: If you want to move your toes flexibly without any constraint, go with a pair of shoes for wide feet with a larger toe box at the front.

Q: Can I wear shoes for wide feet regularly?

A: Most shoes for wide feet have tough and durable construction to ensure you can incorporate them into your daily footwear collection for regular wear.

Q: Will I find any pair of shoes for wide feet with no lace closure?

A: No, you won’t be able to find a pair of shoes for wide feet with no lace closure. If you have to find laces cumbersome, opt for a product with Velcro straps and a lace combination.