Shelter Volunteer Arrives to Senior Cat Crying and Waiting for Her and It's Heartbreaking

Pet store adoption centers may be controversial to some, but wonderful people are working at these places to help animals find their forever homes. TikTok user Lola, or @bluesue23, is one of those people, and one of her current shelter cats is stealing hearts left and right. She's doing so much to show what a wonderful boy he is, but he's still waiting for the perfect owner to find him.

One recent morning, though, Lola arrived at the shelter to hear the senior cat crying and waiting for her at the window of his kennel. It's just heartbreaking to see, but we know Lola is doing all she can to keep him comfortable and happy until he finds a forever home.

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Poor Jeff! We feel so sad for this sweet, social boy, but we have to keep reminding ourselves that he's not truly alone. Lola and other shelter workers are going above and beyond for their residents!

If you need any proof, just look at the precious videos she posts to her TikTok account. She lets the adoptable cats play a role in her videos as they take a break from their kennels; we absolutely love it. It may not be the most traditional way to bond with shelter cats, but it works!

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Jeff--whose full name is Jefferson--seems like the most distinguished gentleman! Maybe the bow tie enhances his vibes, but we can tell what a polite, sweet senior cat he is.

According to Jeff's online bio, he's a housetrained domestic shorthair cat who gets along great with adults, kids, and other cats. They're not sure how he acts around dogs or kids, though they expect he will be fine due to his calm and friendly nature. For an older cat, he's very energetic due to his well-controlled hyperthyroidism, so his forever owner is in for lots of love and fun with this precious guy.

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