Shelter Staff Tries to Pick the 'Cutest Pet' and It's Near Impossible

They're all so adorable!

It's very depressing to think about how many beautiful and lovable dogs and cats are housed in shelters waiting to be adopted, especially during the holiday season. It is our greatest wish for these cats and dogs to be able to experience the love and caring that comes from a forever family. 

Thankfully, the employees at shelters across the country are trying their best to get their residents adopted, like this shelter is doing through their TikTok account by highlighting all the beautiful pets who need homes. Check out @Adoptcharelston's video and see if you can pick a favorite!

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Awww, these dogs and cats are just the cutest! We know these precious animals will have no problem getting adopted, but we want it to happen as soon as possible. @Celine posts, "I wish i could take them all!" Us too! We can't even pick a favorite! @Paigelittle adds, "UGHHH I wish I could take all of them! They're all so cute, they look so happy at this shelter though, I’m glad there’s such good people caring for them." It's shelters like these that make all the difference for homeless cats and dogs.

We can't wait for all these animals to find their forever homes so they can be spoiled the way they deserve! Please try and adopt when you can!

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