Shelter in Spain Makes Plea To Raise Money for Dog’s Expensive Surgery in Heartbreaking Video

In addition to giving them a safe place to land, shelters go above and beyond to care for their animals. Whether that's by giving them a special  meal or Christmas gifts, many do a lot more than just the bare minimum.

The Triple A Shelter in Marbella, Spain is doing the extra mile for one of their dogs, Rhea, a Pit Bull who suffers from a rare condition that prevents her from walking properly. They started a GoFundMe to be able to afford an expensive surgery, which would help Rhea walk again. In a video posted on December 18, they made a desperate plea for people to help her.

Aw, this poor girl. Hopefully, the shelter will be able to raise enough money for the surgery in a short period of time. If you'd like to help make this Christmas miracle happen, you can donate directly to GoFundMe.

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But there are also other reasons why the existence of shelters is so important and other ways in which people can help them continue to thrive and care for animals in need.

The Importance of Animal Shelters

Animal shelters play an important part in our community. They're essential for animals who come from all different walks of life, such as strays. They also give hope to pets who have been abandoned and surrendered by their owners.

Senior pets and animals with special needs also rely on shelters to care for them. They often rehabilitate them by offering physical therapy, veterinary care, as well as behavioral therapy. Aside from that, shelters also neuter and spay stray animals, which helps reduce overpopulation.

These services prepare the animals and get them ready for adoption, which is essentially the goal.

However, just because one dog will be adopted doesn't mean all of them will. It often takes longer for animals in shelters to find a forever home.

In other words, there's an influx of animals coming to the shelter rather than animals getting adopted, and a lot of times, shelters become overcrowded.

How You Can Help

Shelters depend highly on individuals to contribute by donating funds as well as volunteering, as most shelters are non-profit organizations. They also rely on help from veterinarians and professional dog trainers who offer their services.

However, the most important aspect of helping an animal shelter is adopting or fostering a dog or a cat in need to make room for more rescues.

Donating supplies and other goods are also ways to help a shelter stay afloat.

No type of donation or volunteering is too small. We can all do our part to help change the lives of animals awaiting loving homes.

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