Shein shoes ‘melt’ and ‘deflate’ after TikToker wears them in Vegas: 'What [did] you expect?'

Shein shoes ‘melt’ and ‘deflate’ after TikToker wears them in Vegas: 'What [did] you expect?'

A TikToker attending the Lovers & Friends Festival is claiming in a video that her Shein shoes “melted” and “deflated.”

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The festival took place during the weekend of May 14 in Las Vegas, where it was almost 100 degrees. Shein, a China-based online fast-fashion retailer that is constantly churning out new clothes for very low prices, is not exactly renowned for high quality.

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TikTok user @eacarrasco shared screenshots of Shein’s “Minimalist Platform Chunky Pumps” that retailed for $31 and were described as having a rubber outsole and being made of artificial leather. A screenshot of her Shein cart provided insight into the company’s prices, as she bought the shoes with a discount code for $23, along with an $11 coat, three tops costing $4 to $6 each and two fluffy scrunchies for $1.

“When you spend weeks planning your lovers and friends festival outfit but the weather hits 100 degrees,” @eacarrasco captioned her TikTok.

In the video, @eacarrasco films the deterioration of her Shein shoes from a long day at the festival.

“No way,” a commenter wrote. “Melted.”

Instagram account Diet Prada shared the video to its 3.1 million followers and discussed how “irresponsible” Shein is.

“It’s ironic that Shein’s products and practices are contributing to climate change, yet [that they] won’t even stand up to its condition,” the caption says. “Selling shoes that can’t make it through a single day’s wear is irresponsible considering they’re bound for a landfill.”

In terms of the fast fashion industry, Shein is dominating and upstaging the rest. The brand is currently valued at $100 billion — which is more than fast fashion competitors Zara and H&M are worth combined.

In a follow-up video, @eacarrasco showed a close-up of the shoes being “deflated” and then filmed herself throwing them out.

“I don’t think it was weather,” one commenter wrote. “I think it’s the shoes. Don’t buy shoes from Shein.”

“It’s Vegas and shoes from Shein,” another chimed in “What [did] you expect?”

“Bro the entire fit was $39.99 lol,” someone joked. “You couldn’t [have] thought there would be a chance of quality.”

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