Shedd Aquarium lets two of its penguins meet a few dinosaurs

Emerald Pellot
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Everybody’s favorite Magellanic penguins from Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium are back with a new adventure.

Penguins Izzy and Darwin can now cross “meeting a dinosaur” off their bucket lists. The birds took a trip to the Field Museum to visit Sue the T. rex and Máximo the Titanosaur.

Shedd posted a clip of Izzy and Darwin exploring the space on Instagram.

The two friends waddle throughout the exhibit as the dinosaurs’ bones tower over them. The penguins look pretty engaged in the activity. Izzy and Darwin crane their necks upwards and direct their gazes around the museum as if they’re taking it all in. The duo never leave each other’s side during the mission.

“So cute! They look fascinated!” one Instagram user said.

“This is exactly what I needed to see today,” another wrote.

“They’re such cultured penguins! They look like they loved their field trip!” one person added.

While closed for the pandemic lockdown, Shedd has chaperoned a few field trips for its penguins. The idea is to give the birds some exercise and a change of scenery in their daily lives. Some of the aquarium’s penguins have explored the building’s front steps, experienced other habitats and even got to go to the gift shop.

The Shedd Aquarium connects people with the aquatic world to educate the masses about marine life. The aquarium has finally reopened to visitors, while the Field Museum is expected to reopen soon.

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