These shed organization tips will keep your outdoor supplies super tidy

If your storage shed is starting to look like a storm hit it, you could probably use some organization tips. In this episode of ITK: Uncluttered, professional organizers Fillip and Jamie Hord (@horderly) demonstrate useful tricks that will transform your storage shed and help you keep it neat and tidy.

And if you don’t have a shed, Fillip and Jamie’s organization hacks might still be useful to you. “The tips we’re going to share with you about organizing a shed also work in a garage or any other kind of storage space,” Jamie says.

The first tip is to keep everything off the floor. Jamie explains that the best way to add storage space in a shed is to add shelving, like the Seville Classics shed organization system. You can get shelves like this in any size to best accommodate your unique storage space. Plus, they’re easy to assemble, and you can adjust the shelves to different heights.

Next, Fillip recommends using weathertight storage bins to keep your items safe and secure against the elements. He suggests putting heavier objects, like bags of soil or fertilizer, on the lowest shelves. On the next shelf up, he leaves similar bins open so items are easier to access. This area should store things you use more frequently, like lawn toys or items for grilling. Above that shelf, Jamie shows open, stackable bins for smaller items like gardening tools.

The duo recommends labeling everything so that anyone using the storage space will know exactly where to find each item.

After organizing a shelving system, Fillip and Jamie suggest installing a wall-mounted utility track to keep larger items, like shovels, ladders or hoses, off the floor.

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