'She was going to tell my wife': Married police officer sobs after 'strangling lover to death'

A married police officer accused of strangling his mistress to death after she revealed their affair to his wife was filmed hysterically crying and shaking as he was arrested. Source: Dorset Police

Video Transcript

- Just get him in the ambulance. Just get him in the ambulance.

- Yeah.

- No, no, you don't need to be out here. You boys can move.

- Yeah, that's fine, yeah. Yeah.

- Get him in there.

- Get him in there.

- We'll leave the questioning to you guys. We'll just medically look at it and go from that way.




- Don't worry about this. I'm gonna check you. Can you stand up?

- You want some hand? You want a hand lifting?

- I think we might need one.

- All right, ready? 1, 2, 3.

- Help you here.

- Gentle, Jim.


- I've just obviously glubbing this into what's been said. I've written down what you said to me, what's been said, all right? When we first got here, when I first saw you outside, you were asked by the paramedics what was happening. You said something to so I was having an affair with her, she got me to meet her here. She was going to tell my wife, and then, just now, when you were giving the paramedic a bit more of the details, the female arrived.

- You're right there.

- Sorry.

- Yeah. Female arrived after me and jumped in my car. She was so angry. She was going to tell my wife we were having an affair for years. She was going through my phone. I don't remember what happened. She was going through my phone. I think she told my wife. I was going to drive off and kill myself. The wounds were caused by a penknife in my car. I've had it for years. I don't remember what happened.

Just felt it go in I think three times. You're happy? That's basically what you said to the paramedic, obviously not word for word. If I can get you to sign your life away for us there, please.

- All right.

- All right, Tim. Then she said you're going to get arrested at the moment. I'm arresting you on suspicion of attempted murder. You don't have to say anything to me obviously. I'll just mention-- I'll mention my questions, so it'll be there right in court. Anything you do or say may be given as evidence, OK? Obviously, we're going to let paramedics take you down, sir, to hospital, get you all checked out first. And obviously you know the process from there, all right?

- Yeah. [CRYING]

- Yeah.

- [CRYING] Just do whatever you want. I'm so sorry.