Shawn Mendes Explained Why He and Camila Cabello Were Walking Like Zombies This Spring

Shannon Barbour
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Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images
Photo credit: James Devaney - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Shawn Mendes explained why he and Camila Cabello were walking like zombies at the beginning of the pandemic.

  • There were rumors that they were trying to walk slow so the paparazzi could get good photos of them.

  • Shawn said it was because they were "overwhelmed by the world."

Shawn Mendes is gearing up to drop a new album, which means it's time for the reports about his and Camila Cabello's relationship to conveniently rev up again. Yesterday, Camila shut down breakup rumors by promoting Shawn's new project, and today, Shawn addressed why they were walking like zombies at the beginning of the pandemic. Finally, I might be able to sleep at night!

For those who are lucky enough to not have the zombie stroll video living rent free in their minds, here's a quick refresher complete with heavy breathing from whoever captured it:

At the time, there were rumors that them moving slower than a snail was an attempt at securing non-blurry paparazzi photos to stay relevant, but Shawn just came through with a different explanation.

Speaking on SiriusXM's The Morning Mash Up, the "Wonder" singer said:

"There's this one video of Camila and I, and we're like, walking down the street really slow. We almost look like zombies from The Walking Dead. And we're like, really - and everyone's like, 'What the heck is going on with them? Are they on drugs?' And I was like, it's funny 'cause in that moment we were just, pretty overwhelmed by the world. And we were like, 'Oh, man. This is a really hard time. This is scary for everyone.' And you know, we were just like, 'Let's just walk slow and kind of just meditate and be chill.'"

He went on to add, "It was this really peaceful moment between us, but it's just so funny to see that, watching that video back. We were dying, laughing because we literally looked like zombies."

Alright, that's more than fair. Anyone else in need of a zombie walk after this week's events!?

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