'Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran Delights Fans With Wild Story

Barbara Corcoran is sharing all of the details of how she found out her husband, Bill Higgins, was cheating on her–but not in the way that you'd think!

The 74-year-old Shark Tank star recently shared a tragic story involving her husband as she sat in her glam chair to get her makeup done in a new Instagram video.

"Get ready with me while I tell you about the time I caught my husband cheating on me," she said. "Years ago I went to a party and had a psychic read my tarot cards. She pulled out the first card and she said, 'Your husband is cheating on you with a woman in New Jersey.'"

"Bill? Bill having an affair?" The investor exclaimed, as she couldn't believe her husband of 35 years would do such a thing. Evidently, her intuition was correct.

"I hired an ex-FBI agent to follow Bill around 24/7 and take pictures of every single thing he did," Corcoran said. "My husband used to be an FBI agent himself. So, I had an FBI agent following around an FBI agent."

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She went on to say that the man eventually brought her a "big stack of black-and-white photos," similar to the ones you see in the movies, that captured her husband's every move while he was out on the town.

The investor revealed that the agent had some bad news, but it wasn't the news she was expecting. "He said, 'Mrs. Corcoran, I'm afraid your husband is having an affair.' And I was sick to my stomach."

The private investigator relayed to her, "He spends every afternoon at Barnes and Noble in Circuit City on Route 4 in Paramus, New Jersey. He buys books and electronics and brings them back to his office on Park Avenue."

"I was shocked and I went straight to his office to confirm the evidence and there it all was."

But what it was, was not an extramarital affair. "I took all of his credit cards away and signed him up for shoppers anonymous," she quipped.

Phew, what a turn that story took–for the better!

Corcoran ended the video by reminding her fans to not "believe everything you hear," adding, "especially from a party psychic."

Higgins might not have been unfaithful to his wife, but he sure was to his bank account!

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