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Exactly How to Get

a Salon-Quality

Manicure At Home.

With just a few tools, expert tips, and a little patience, you can achieve a salon-quality manicure at home. Here's how:.

1. Prep your nails: Start with a polish remover, then shape your nails. 90% of your shape comes from the clipper; 10% from filing.

Apply cuticle remover which is

an exfoliating treatment to loosen

dead skin around the nails.

Finally, swipe the entire nail with 91%

isopropyl alcohol to remove excess oils.

2. Pick your polish.

3. Perfect your technique: Don't skip on base

coat, get comfortable, paint your dominant

hand first, and limit the number of swipes.

4. Fix streaky polish: To keep

the pigments from separating,

shake the bottle more frequently.

5. Make your manicure at

home last: Reapply a thin layer of

topcoat every two to three days