Shania Twain Reveals Her Go-To Karaoke Song—And It Might Surprise You

Sing us the song, Shania!

Shania Twain is going old-school whenever she has time for a casual karaoke session, and we have just one thing to say about it: Sing us the song!

Do you ever dream about what your favorite song may sound like when recorded or performed by another artist? Well, the "Waking Up Dreaming" musician has a new track for you to wish for.

The singer sat down with The Home Edit co-founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin to help promote her new album, Queen of Me, on their podcast, Best Friend Energy, and she divulged her number-one song choice—that is, when she's not busy crooning out her own lyrics for sold out crowds.

Near the end of the episode, the hosts announced it was time for "Five Minutes for Hugs," a segment they do with every guest to hype them up and help everyone get to know them better.

It's in the style of rapid-fire, so there's not much room for elaboration, but one burning question thrown at the country superstar was, "What is your go-to karaoke song?"

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Karaoke may seem like an odd hobby for a singer by trade, but Twain only appeared to think about it for a second, replying, "My go-to is, um, 'Piano Man,'" which seemed to take one of the women, who replied, "Oh!" by surprise.

"I love that!" she added of the Billy Joel tune, while the other said, "Great one."

She continued, putting a thought out into the world that we're probably all manifesting already: "Can you, like, record that somewhere so I can listen to you singing it?"

The others laughed, but she was emphatic, adding, "No, like, I need that on YouTube tomorrow! Wow!"

And in case the "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" singer needs any more names added to the petition before she feels that a cover may be worthwhile, she can go ahead and list ours there, too! We'll be waiting ever so patiently.