Shakira and *Checks Notes* Tom Cruise Were Spotted Hanging Out at the Miami Grand Prix

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A quick PSA for those of us who wanna start the week strong with truly jaw-dropping 🍵: Tom Cruise and Shakira reportedly left the Miami Grand Prix starting grid (while the drivers were still being introduced ahead of the race) yesterday to spend time together in a private suite, according to a source who spoke with Page Six. Feel free to take a moment to re-read that if you must, because we realize it may sound like a sentence from Mad Libs.

In the event that you're a "pics or it didn't happen" kinda person, you'll be pleased to know that an eagle-eyed witness recorded a vid of the actor and singer having a convo in the VIP area while they were near one of Shakira’s sons:

And there are also actual pics of the two of them—bless these photogs for their service!

shakira and tom cruise
shakira and tom cruise

A refresher: Shakira has been single for close to a year since news of her and ex-husband Gerard Piqué's split initially broke in June 2022 after the two issued a statement announcing their separation following 11 years together. Fast-forward to October 2022, and the singer released her first song since the breakup, "Monotanía," which was speculated to be about the breakup. Then in January 2023, the celeb released her most OMG-worthy track all about her ex's betrayal—and even referred to his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, in it. Awk times!

But back to this (v eventful) weekend...

Shakira took a break from the car races/whatever else goes on at F1 to be recognized as Billboard's Woman of the Year at the Latin Women in Music Gala on Saturday.

During her acceptance speech, the singer took a moment to commend women and speak about her past year, alluding to everything that went down between herself and Piqué:

"This has been a year of seismic change in my life where I’ve felt more than ever and very personally what it is to be women. And what it means," she said to the crowd. "It’s been a year where I’ve realized we women are stronger than we think, braver than we believed, more independent than we were taught to be. Because what woman hasn’t, at some time in her life, forgotten herself because she’s seeking the attention and love of someone else?"

She continued: "But there comes a time in the life of every woman where she no longer depends on someone else to love and accept herself just as she is. A time when the search for someone else is replaced by the search for oneself. A time when the desire to be perfect is replaced by the desire to be authentic, and where finding someone who is faithful is less important than being faithful to ourselves." ILY SHAKIRA!!!!!

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