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The Bandwagon is back, but everything is worse! Hannah Keyser takes you through all the terrible things - like the Astros cheating, the Red Sox cheating and the Mets’ entanglement with it all - that have happened in baseball and around the world in the 265 days since she told you to pick the Nationals in the World Series. What a simpler time that was…

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- Astros conspiracy theories.

HANNAH KEYSER: All right. The Astros sign stealing scandal was kind of all about how technology has seeped insidiously into sports and rotted the game from the inside out. But also for how a deftness with technology is really clutch for creating fascinating Twitter content and potentially exposing a hell of a lot more about what the Astros were really up to that the officially sanctioned report could. My personal favorite, Danny Farquhar seemingly catching on in September 2017 as sleuthed out by master sleuther outer Jomboy, who also found and cataloged an overwhelming amount of audio evidence for the banging long before MLB confirmed anything.

- There's the change up. Bang, bang. Call for the change up. Bang, bang. And Farquhar steps off and says, can you hear it? Like, hey, they got [BLEEP] signs. We've got to change this.

HANNAH KEYSER: [? Sated ?] by all that banging, Jomboy and others turned their sleuthing to the wearable buzzers that the Astros were rumored to have worn well into the 2019 postseason when the official investigation supposedly found no cheating. And look, a lot of these gotcha moments show the suspicious bandage on Josh Reddick fall apart under the tiniest amount of scrutiny. Now show how it's clearly confetti.

But a big four yikes no matter how you slice it because check out this one. After Jose Altuve hit the game winning home run in the ninth inning to send the Astros to the World Series, he demonstrably demurred against having his shirt removed, almost as if doing so would have repealed a buzzer that allowed him to sit on a slider from one of the best closers in the game. At the time, he told Ken Rosenthal that he's just shy, and his wife doesn't like it when his professionally fit upper half is exposed like it is right here on Instagram or right here on Instagram or right here on his since deleted Instagram from earlier the same year, which is definitely a thing that a guy who was shy on TV would say. Thank you. I was gonna call it out if nobody else did.

Once everyone knew they were cheaters, Carlos Correa offered a slightly more elaborate explanation about how his pal just has a terrible tattoo that he was too embarrassed to have associated with his historically successful moment. And then in an effort to prove how airtight that alibi is, Altuve revealed to reporters a tattoo of his daughter's name. So yeah. Four yikes. Also three and a half fans.


I'm Hannah Keyser. And this is "The Bandwagon."

- Woo!


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