‘Sexture,’ or Sexy Texture, Is the Secret to Amazing Hair

Before you blast your hair with dry shampoo, just know there's a better way to create oomph in your hair: sexture. 

Sexture, a portmanteau of “sexy texture,” is the mussy movement hair pros swear by to create the most incredible sultry styles. Ask any hair expert and they'll tell you how important it is to get the texture right when finishing off any look and setting the tone for your outfit. This can mean smoothing strands down for something more sleek or teasing your texture out for something a little sexier. 

Slick strands have headlined for a bit, with liquid hair, silk presses, and smoothed-straight blow-dries getting lots of attention. But now there's definitely a mood for something a little looser, undone, and unbuttoned, which works whether you're heading to an event that's smart or relaxed.

“Sexy, effortless texture goes with everything,” says celebrity hairstylist and Amika global artistic director Naeemah Lafond. “It can be the glue that pulls an entire look together and can also be the softness that mellows out a formal ensemble and gives it a bit of a fresh take.

Sounds good, right? We're all invited too. “Sexy undone texture works for all hair types from coils and curls to straighter finer strands,” Lafond explains. “In all textures, it delivers the same message: cool and chic. The only significant point of different is the execution.” 

That's because getting sexture is often easier said than done. “Sometimes undone texture is the trickiest to get right,” celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton said next to a snap of one of his high-profile clients, Kim Kardashian. “My tip is to not over work the hair. Sometimes less is more.”

Hair pro Emma Chen agrees. “Using too much product can sometimes be as bad as not using any product at all,” she says in her IG series on hair education. “Hair becomes weighed down, limp, and overprocessed.”

Before you go in with a texture spray, be tactical with your styling. “The key to adding volume and texture without relying on [loads of] product is creating different shapes in the hair,” says Chen. This could mean waving your hair in alternate directions or incorporating different types of waves, such as S waves, beach waves, or crimped waves. “It stops the hair barreling into itself and creates dimension,” she says.

“Where you'd use heat and product to create texture in straight hair, however, with curly hair you would use just product to enhance the texture,” adds Lafond. “For curls, you should start with a freshly dried head of curls and can then add some Amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray [a lightweight, dry finishing spray that creates instant volume and sexy texture] and some dry texture paste [try Moroccanoil Texture Clay] to create ‘pieceyness’ and airiness throughout.”

“For straight textures, prep with the Amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray to help hold the style and then create waves and bends with a straightener,” Lafond adds. “Finish with the Undone texture spray [which adds a tousled texture to already styled hair] and some dry texture paste on this texture as well.” 

You can leave your hair down for sexy, voluminous bed hair, but when it comes to updos, prep is just as key. “My biggest piece of advice when creating effortless updos is to make sure you get the right amount of texture into the hair because then the hair pretty much styles itself,” Chen says.

“Creating sexture is the perfect base for any up style, or for that perfect undone vibe,” says James Earnshaw, pro hairstylist and Amika artistic ambassador. “It's great to have this base to work with before a ponytail or knot as it will help hold your style in place and give the pins and grips somewhere to anchor into. Once finished, spritz with dry texture spray for the ultimate lived-in sexy texture.” Try Amika's Undone Texure Spray, Ouai's Texturizing Hairspray, or Moroccanoil's Dry Texture Spray.

If you weren't already convinced, sexture just keeps getting better following wash day. “I love it because it's amazing for those second-, third-, or even fourth-day hair needs,” says Earnshaw. “Spritz some salt spray into your already dry hair and leave it to air-dry. This will add gritty texture.” Try OGX Texture + Moroccan Sea Salt Wave Spray.

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