The sexist reason women love this ‘never cool’ Lululemon fanny pack: ‘I will never be embarrassed’

The Lululemon fanny pack is seemingly everywhere — but comments on this TikTok explain why so many women gravitate toward the item.

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A viral TikTok by user Paige Egan has people talking up the merits of fanny packs. Anyone who wears women’s clothing knows that pockets are few and far between. Designers prioritizing aesthetics over functionality is just another method of controlling and limiting what women do in their everyday lives.

A fanny pack is akin to a utility belt. Unlike the purses women have to lug around, which limits mobility, fanny packs allow users to go hands-free. So it’s unsurprising that when Egan pointed out how multiple people at a local coffee spot had the same fanny pack in different colors, women understood why.

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“It’s the vibe,” the caption read.

At the cafe, there were at least four women rocking the hot summer accessory. Three of them had the Lululemon “Everywhere Belt Bag” in black and another in gray, and each woman wore it Euro-style like a crossbody bag.

While someone claimed fanny packs were something “we already agreed was never cool,” according to one user, there was no shortage of praise for the practical bag.

“Until we actually get clothes with pockets that fit items, I will never be embarrassed,” a user commented.

“It’s okay to like things that other people like. It’s extra okay if that involves being practical and comfortable,” another wrote.

“It’s so convenient I end up choosing this over any other of my bags,” someone added.

“I have a closet full of Louis Vuitton & Gucci bags… that $38 bag… I would die for lmao,” a TikToker replied.

“I’ve been wearing them for a couple years now and they’re so much easier than purses I can’t go back!” person said.

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