WATCH: Miss Universe Part Deux: It’s All About the Interview (and the $4 Facial)

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Several weeks ago, Miss Universe pageant officials, naively or not, asked me if I wanted to join them for a few days for a Miss Congeniality-esque experience while the 88 women who had qualified from their respective countries got ready for the big night.

Of course I did.

Now, I am not exactly a pageant-type girl. I am small, I am prone to muffin top, and I shun high heels. But, in the search for new experiences, why not?

So I packed a bag and flew down with the A Broad Abroad crew to Doral, Fla., and primed myself for the Miss Universe Experience.


What exactly did Paula ask to make Miss Colombia make this face? (Photo: Andrew Rothschild)

Earlier this week, I got fluffed and primped à la Miss Congeniality by the Miss Universe team.

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But really — let’s not be so superficial, shall we? As we all know, it’s all about what’s on the inside… and that means: the interview!

To prep, I crowdsourced some questions from Yahoo Travel readers and my personal page on Facebook. I got some good ones. See for yourself:


There were more — so much more — but I only had a small window, and I had to try out some of the beauty tips that Miss India and another contestant gave me.


Note to readers: Miss Indias yogurt and lemon juice mask works! Its amazing. My skin was glowing. And you cant beat the $4 price tag. (Photo: Andrew Rothschild)

See for yourself how Miss Russia would bring peace to Syria; where Miss Korea would travel outside of Earth; and how Miss Croatia feels about standing around in a bikini in front of old men. Its priceless.