How to get up to seven cups of coffee for free at 7-Eleven

Bianca Sanchez

7-Eleven's traditional July 11 celebration may have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the chain is still celebrating its birthday all month long. Members of the convenience store’s free rewards program still have much to look forward to including a free Slurpee and, not one, but seven free cups of coffee.

Coronavirus Coffee Trends During Quarantine

According to a press release, 7Rewards app users can cash in on one free medium Slurpee to make up for the cancelled birthday celebration now through July 31. As for the free seven cups of hot coffee, those may be redeemed any time now through Aug. 9 in any size or flavor rewards members choose.

And let's not forget the cult-favorite Big Gulp. Via the 7Rewards program, all Big Gulps purchased now through August cost just 49 cents. All you have to do is scan your app's barcode at checkout.

This year, 7-Eleven is not only celebrating its birthday through free Slurpees and discounted Big Gulps. Instead, you can count 7-Eleven among corporations giving back during the pandemic. On July 11, the company donated one million meals to Feeding America to help alleviate food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you would still rather not leave the house for your latte, cappuccino or any other coffee drinks, try being your own barista using these coffee hacks and recipes to make at home.

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