Set Active Opens First Store in Los Angeles

It’s been four years since Los Angeles-based Set Active was launched with a line of quality activewear that could take wearers from morning to night.

Lindsey Carter started her label with the idea of creating activewear that would be just right for the gym, a stop for coffee, on to work and then home. With versatility in mind, the styles are done in solid colors meant to make the pieces easier to mix and match with other clothing.

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Once the brand started to take off in 2020, Carter envisioned opening a store where customers could experience the fabrics that were part of the collection. But that took longer than expected because of a few things — including the pandemic.

But after waiting for the right time, Set Active has opened its first store at 8476 Melrose Place, in West Hollywood. The one-year pop-up will feature Set Active’s core collection, limited drops and in-store exclusive merchandise while giving a look at 2023 launches before they are available.

“It was always a dream of mine to have a store where people can actually see us in real life because everything we do is community-based,” Carter said.

The 640-square-foot location has a large bench toward the front of the store featuring Set Active-inspired digital art around the perimeter. A wall nearby filled with Polaroid pictures shows customers wearing Set Active. The idea is to incorporate the brand’s community directly into the space.  

This is Carter’s first foray into the apparel business. Before, she had her own company advising clients about how to best optimize using social media. But she was also looking at her own activewear and felt there was something missing.

“Wearing it I felt I either had to go work out or had to do some sort of activity,” she said. “I felt it was not something I could just wear on the go.”

A look inside the store. Photo courtesy of Set Active
A look inside the store. Photo courtesy of Set Active

Fabric is an important element of the label, which is manufactured in China and Los Angeles. Carter has developed some proprietary fabrics including SculpltFlex, the brand’s own compressive fabric for high-impact workouts. It’s seamless and has strategically placed ribbing to expand and contract with the body. There is LuxForm, which is soft and has a smooth and sleek look. The newest addition is SportBody, a fabric that aims to wick away moisture using breathable compression.

The brand is also known for its ever-evolving limited-edition drops that stray from seasonal trends, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Set Active also has a core collection available year-round. That assortment gets an annual refresh in their growing range of activewear, sweats, basics and more. This year, the company introduced outerwear.

The label prides itself on being community-based and adapting consumers’ ideas into its products. “We’re introducing a community collection, which is picked by the community, and that’s what is going to stay in stock all year. And then it will get repicked every year by the community,” Carter said.

For the store opening, her community of customers was front and center with a line out the door to take a look inside.

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