Servant's cast on ratcheting up the tension—and comedy—for season 2

Cameron Scheetz
·1 min read

No one knew quite what was in store for them when they tuned in for Servant’s first season, save for the fact that an eerie baby was involved. But the line, “From M. Night Shyamalan” was certainly a selling point, and the supernatural thriller was one of Apple TV+’s success stories in its inaugural month, a compulsive—if sometimes frustrating—watch for the new streaming service, which follows the story of a grieving upper-class couple (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell) and their peculiar new nanny (Nell Tiger Free). But the main question going into season two is: How can Servant possibly keep up its high-wire act of mysteries, metaphors, and mouth-watering food porn? While the new episodes don’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, they do flip the tables on its ensemble, shading in fascinating new sides of the characters as their often volatile relationships take on new dimensions. Through all the twists and turns, Servant also maintains a wry—and exceedingly dark—sense of humor in season two, which we spoke to the cast about during Apple TV+’s recent press day. Ambrose, Kebbell, Free, and co-star Rupert Grint all weighed in on the new character dynamics of season two, and discussed some of their favorite fan theories about what it all means.

Servant’s second season premieres Friday, January 15 on AppleTV+.

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