Sonic the Hedgehog, Wonder Park, and 81 More Family Movies For Kids on Paramount+

Paramount's streaming service, Paramount+, is finally here; and with it has come a ton of family movies for kids, from old classics such as Hey Arnold! The Movie to new hits like The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. If you detect a pattern, that's because there kind of is one: most of the movies available on Paramount+ are Nickelodeon TV movies or feature films (though there are a few Paramount Pictures titles, and more, too!).

Keep scrolling to see all of the movies that are streaming for kids on Paramount+ now - we're sure more will be added in time, but the starting lineup is pretty stacked! (And if you're looking for even more content, check out this extensive list of all the shows for kids on Paromount+.)

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