Serena Williams Reflects on Her Life in Looks: From Nike Catsuits to Camp Gucci

Williams sits down with Vogue to revisit some of her most memorable looks on and off the court. Director: Posy DixonDirector of Photography: Mike LopezEditor: Alana McNairCreative Producer : Gabrielle ReichAssociate Producer: Qieara LesesneProduction Manager: Kit FogartyProduction Coordinator: Ava KasharEntertainment Director,Vogue : Sergio KletnoyGaffer: Daniel DermigianAssistant Camera: Bethany LaquerreAudio: Larry Williams Jr.Production Assistant: Alaina SchiffmanCovid Supervisor: Sam SalzmanHair Stylist: Angela MeadowsMakeup Artist: Natasha GrossSet Designer: Cristina ForestieriPost Production Supervisor: Marco GlinbizziPost Production Coordinator: Adrea FarrSupervising Editor: Kameron KeyAssistant Editor: Diego RentschWedding Images Courtesy of: Mel Barlow and Allan Zepeda