Seph is stepping into the spotlight as their drag alter ego Anna Donna Low

On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) helps contestant Seph live out their “hyperpop, supergirl fantasy” by helping them create a drag persona that’s packed with plenty of color and personality, with a splash of edginess to round things out. Seph is looking for an aesthetic that mixes “comedy girl” with “high fashion.” “Like a smirk underneath a hard expression,” they say. Can Thorgy help her fellow Gemini create the perfect drag identity? Let’s find out!

First up is wardrobe with stylist Elle ( Elle immediately reaches for a schoolgirl-inspired, rhinestone-covered outfit that gives “Y2K with some extra added grunge.” Parting with a final request to “make Seph cute,” Thorgy leaves Elle to her styling and proceeds to the glam station.

Over at the makeup chair, Blue (@sheisblue_) is busy putting together Seph’s glam look. Blue is taking the “hyperpop” notes and running, giving Seph striking green eye makeup to match their outfit, providing a look that’s “intense” and “in your face” in all the best ways. As the team provides some finishing touches, including a wavy green wig and eye-catching opera gloves, Seph is nearly ready for their big reveal!

Finally, Seph makes their grand entrance as Anna Donna Low! As the new drag queen waves to the imaginary crowd, Thorgy points out that Seph “looks like a celebrity.” Seph’s debut as Anna Donna Low has them feeling “powerful,” “flirty,” and “hot,” especially regarding the unique glam look.

As for the name? “Anna Donna Low is a play on ‘on the down low,’ and I’m really into that because I’ve never been one to be on the down low, because I can’t really hide much of this energy,” explains Seph. “So I’m just playing off of that. Being non-binary and Gemini, I kind of had to bring out that extra side that I don’t really explore enough, or doesn’t come to light in my everyday [life]. And now here we are.”

Looks like Thorgy and company have another successful Dragged in the books!

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