Senior Helpers LIFE Profile Assessment Tool Validated in Peer-Reviewed Journal of Aging Life Care

New assessment tool leveraging micro social determinants of health demonstrated to improve quality of life and reduce risk of hospitalization among seniors

BALTIMORE, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The nation's premier provider of in-home senior care, Senior Helpers®, today announced the publication of the peer-reviewed article, "Stop the Revolving Door of Hospitalizations by Keeping Seniors Safe at Home," published in the Journal of Aging Life Care. The research explores how a new assessment tool, LIFE Profile, which captures and evaluates micro social determinants of health (mSDOH), can have an immediate effect on the health and wellbeing of seniors and their families, as well as ultimately decrease the cost to the healthcare system.

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"LIFE Profile is a data-driven assessment tool that provides a holistic view of the risks and factors that influence a loved one's ability to age in place, wherever they call home" said Peter Ross, Senior Helpers CEO. "Based on feedback from more than 75,000 seniors and over two decades of research, there is valid and reliable evidence that LIFE Profile is an effective approach for measuring and reducing risk and improving the overall quality of life for seniors and their families."

Some key takeaways from the peer-reviewed article include:

  • When looking at the overall picture of the mSDOH that affect senior health and well-being, research shows that the risk factors distill into five key outcome areas that can be directly tied to the success or failure of individual health outcomes. These five areas include medical condition management, safety, independence, caregiver support, and quality of life. The LIFE Profile system is based on a scoring matrix for each of these key outcome areas, providing an opportunity to obtain quantifiable results to determine the likelihood of positive outcome for individual patients.

  • LIFE Profile could make possible the promise of improving outcomes, reducing costs, and allowing clinic and in-home services to be used more collaboratively and effectively. Scoring and outputs collected on such an assessment would lead to a care plan that is individualized and goal-driven, and that defines the individual and shared responsibilities for all participants involved in achieving positive care outcomes.

  • Using mSDOH indicators to identify risk factors for individual patients offers caregivers the potential to dramatically reduce pain, suffering, and failure through a more detailed and measured care planning process, ultimately significantly improving the patient's quality of life.

The article is available for download on Senior Helpers website.

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