Senior Dog's Reaction to Dad Having Dinner Is Pitiful Yet Hilarious

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One of the most iconic and heartbreaking TV spots of all time is for the ASPCA. The ads originally ran in 2007 and the spot features sad, pitiful looking homeless animals with Sarah McLachlan's song, "Angel," playing over a montage of adorable animals that we could all help with our donation of $18 a month.

Well, it's 2024 and one TikTok dog has unintentionally recreated this commercial, all because his cruel, heartless owner won't share his dinner with him.

The hilariously dramatic video, shared by TikTok user @alan.gordon has the Internet in stitches. @Marc has a suggestion with, "If your dog can throw in a few shivers that would take it home." @Chas asks, "Poor thing he’s starving!! How can we donate?" Alex replies, "Please, please...... no donation is too small."@Tow is extremely generous and adds, "I’d round up my change for this poor lil pup…. Breaks my heart that he doesn’t get 8 meals a day." Oh the humanity!

If you needed a refresher of the original ad, here you go. You better get those Kleenex ready!

These are fantastic TV commercials for such a good cause but yeah, no one can watch them without getting all teary eyed!

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And we would also have a very hard time not giving Gus here some of our dinner. I mean, just look at his precious face! That poor baby is obviously starving, LOL!

How To Keep Your Dog From Begging at the Dinner Table

The best way to keep your dog from begging at the dinner table is to never feed your dog people food from the dinner table to begin with.

I know, I know, that's impossible! We love our dogs, we love giving them treats, plus we gotta pay the cheese tax. If you are like me and every other dog owner on planet earth ever and you have given your dog a little som'm som'm off your dinner plate, there are steps you can take to put a stop to the begging. Or at least curb it a little bit.

When it's time for you to enjoy your own dinner, crate your dog or place him in another room. Out of sight, out of mind.

Feed your dog dinner at the same time you eat your dinner. Hopefully he'll be so distracted by his delicious kibble he will stay away from your delicious Carbonara.

When your dog starts begging for some of your delicious pizza, give him some pepperoni, you monster! Just kidding. When he starts begging, tell him no firmly, tell him to sit, and tell him to stay. Do not give in no matter how sad he looks with his big sweet puppy dog eyes and no matter how many times you hear that heartbreaking Sarah McLachlan song playing in your head.

Or, you can always just dine out for every meal. That seems like the best solution.

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