Senior Chihuahua With Crooked Smile Is Ready to Start Her ‘Best Last Chapter’

Senior dogs need so much love. It's a shame that they're often overlooked for younger dogs. This is especially true for senior foster dogs, who desperately need families to care for them. One woman with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in the San Francisco, California has the sweetest senior Chihuahua who is ready for her forever home. All Sparklette needs is someone willing to give her a chance.

Lisa, of @allthefosterpups, introduced the world to Sparklette and we're forever thankful.

The woman, who works for Muttville, explained that Sparklette is a 7-year-old Chihuahua mix.

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"She is a very loving and sweet little lady," Lisa explained. Sparklette loves other dogs. So much so that she would probably do better in a home that already has one dog.

Sparklette was originally confiscated from a home with too many dogs and now she has the goofiest smile. She also loves "to give kisses," Lisa said. And she "loves to be in the sun."

"She is still very agile, she likes to run around, [and] she can jump easily on the bed," Lisa added. It sounds like Sparklette still has so much love to give.

People in the comments section were so in love with Sparklette. "MY GOD I AM SOOOOO FAR AWAY. I WOULD DIE FOR HER," one person exclaimed. "Her little crooked lips," another commenter gushed. "I would literally die for Sparklette," a third person admitted. "I really can't deal!!!" one woman cheered.

Other Dogs Available at Muttville

If Sparklette has touched your heart there are so many other senior dogs at Muttville who need loving homes.

Aunt Annie is a 13-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who is a lot of fun. She's also "outgoing" and "smart." The organization describes her as "your favorite Auntie who takes you to your first bar when you turn 21 and lets you eat ice cream for dinner." She sounds like a blast!

Copper is another Chihuahua at Muttville who is 11 years old and has a sweet disposition. He has a round little head and is a bit shy, but otherwise would make any family very happy. His current foster says that Copper doesn't whine or make noise, but is a bit of an occasional snorer. What a dream.

Yertle is a 11-year-old Blue Sky Terrier who is the perfect listener. Muttville jokes that he's "a handsome scruffier breed to rid the home of emotional pests like loneliness, ennui, and garden variety disappointments [...] Basically, Yertle is a daily affirmation in fur pants." Sign us up!

Welp, we guess we have to adopt all the dogs now. They've all stolen our hearts.

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