Senior Bonded Pair of German Shepherds Are Touching Hearts with Their Adoption Story

In a video shared on September 3, it was announced that two senior bonded German Shepherd dogs finally found their forever home after waiting at a shelter and being overlooked by potential adopters.

Adopting a bonded pair, much less a bonded pair of senior dogs, is just such a wonderful thing to do for two beautiful pups who deserve all the love in the world.

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The pair of dogs were posted by photographer @Aharrisphoto and after the video was uploaded, these two were happily adopted. There are so many wonderful reasons to adopt senior dogs, especially a bonded pair. Elderly dogs deserve to live out their golden years with the love and care a forever family can provide them. Bonded dogs do well together because they provide each other companionship, which can be especially important for a shelter dog getting accustomed to his new home and family.

A pair of bonded dogs reduce boredom and destructive behavior in each other. With another dog to play with and exercise with it can wear them out, and any dog owner can tell you a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

Dogs are super social animals, and a recent study discovered that one major key to a dog's health and happiness was spending time with another dog. Adopting a bonded pair means they will have a full-time companion and playmate.

If you're planning on adopting a dog, consider taking home a bonded pair, especially if they are older dogs. These dogs are usually the ones most often overlooked at shelters. Just think of twice the love and fun two dogs can give you instead of just one!

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