Senior Basset Hound Reunites with One of His Oldest Friends in Tear-Jerking Video

Every pet owner knows that it's important to socialize your pup. Whether that be through doggy day care or some good old fashioned time at the dog park. Either way, it can be exciting when your fur-baby makes some friends — especially friends that last. Just take one senior Basset Hound who got a chance to see his bestie for the first time in a long time. Their reunion is just so sweet.

The poor guy recently had surgery, so his mama @jennastubs brought him over to meet up with his friend in a wagon.

Wrapped in the cutest little plaid jacket, the Basset started howling the second he saw his buddy up ahead. "A-wooo. A-wooo!" he yowled. It was almost like he was calling out his friend's name. "Hey Buddy! Over here! I see you!" 

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His tail even wagged (albeit a little more slowly than it used to we're sure) and could barely stand having to wait until the wagon got to his pal. As his mama explained in the video's onscreen caption, her pup and his bestie used to see each other "every weekday."

"But they don't see each other much anymore," she wrote.

When the Basset finally arrived by his bestie, the two looked so happy. They even booped their little noses together. How sweet! At the end of the video, mama cut to a photo of the duo from 2016. Yep, these two are friends for life.

How to Tell If Your Dog Has a Best Friend

So you've been bringing your pup to doggy day care and he or she seems to always play with one pup in particular. Does that mean they're BFFs like the Basset Hound and his friend? There are a few ways to tell. While dogs are pack animals, you can sort of tell that a dog has some preferred playmates. These might be dogs that your dog is less aggressive with or is more tolerant of them being in their space.

If you notice your dog ignoring all other dogs in a dog park, but singling out one or two special pups, this might be the start of something beautiful. Usually you can tell if both dogs are into it if their body language is positive and welcoming. Like if they're wagging their tails side-to-side, play bowing, have their mouths open and loose, have low, relaxed tails, and soft or squinted eyes. If they have this body language and initiate play with each other every time they see each other — BOOM. That's more than likely that these two are besties. Doggy besties will be comfortable sharing with each other too. No ball hogging between these two!

Obviously you can't force these things to happen. But when it does, it's the absolute best.

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