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Send Foodz: Tim and David Try Anwar Jibawi’s New Restaurant

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This week on “Send Foodz” Tim and David save a seat at the table for Internet superstar Anwar Jibawi. The former Vine star and YouTube extraordinaire recently opened his own LA restaurant with his mom. They indulge in Mediterranean favorites like falafel, gyro, shawarma, and of course Anwar’s super secret sauce. But don’t ask him what’s in it… Tim and David learned the hard way. This video "Send Foodz: Tim and David Try Anwar Jibawi’s New Restaurant", first appeared on http://thrillist.com.

Video Transcript

ANWAR JIBAWI: How are you feeling, Tim?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I feel great, bro, bring it on. This is Send Foodz, this is what we do.

ANWAR JIBAWI: We can't break this into two episodes?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: No, stop looking for breaks, and bring us your stupid food.

ANWAR JIBAWI: It's double the ass, bro.


ANWAR JIBAWI: You can keep going? Can he keep going? David, what did you do? Oh God. Slurp that up now.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: What's good, you sexy mother [CENSORED]. Welcome back to Send Foodz, I'm Tim Chantarangsu.

DAVID SO: And I'm David So.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: And guess what? We switching it up this season, and we bringing on super special guests.

DAVID SO: I love it, and we even have water cups.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: No way. So now the guests are going to be sending foods to us, and it's lit because we have no idea what they're going to be bringing. I'm super excited because this guest right here, super talented.

DAVID SO: Super handsome.


DAVID SO: Super sexy.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: This man got a kajillion followers, and apparently he really likes food too. Make some noise for Anwar Jibawi.

DAVID SO: Oh, And a dancer.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I didn't know you could do all that.

DAVID SO: Hey, hey, your turn. Go ahead.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Wait, he has to pass it to me.


ANWAR JIBAWI: Hey, what's up guys? How are you? Thank you for having me.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I didn't know that you love food like that.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I just started getting into food because of COVID and stuff, I started a cooking show with my mom.

- Word.

ANWAR JIBAWI: She's so into food.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Moms. Moms and food.


TIM CHANTARANGSU: My mom never really was able to express her love through words, and so she expressed through food.

ANWAR JIBAWI: 100%. And I know I'm skinny, so like every day was Thanksgiving because I have six brothers. And we would eat like a bite, and we're full, so any time I bring friends over she's like--


ANWAR JIBAWI: --so happy.


ANWAR JIBAWI: She would love David.

DAVID SO: Oh, he just called me fat, right?

ANWAR JIBAWI: No, no, no, no, that's not what I meant. I just-- [INAUDIBLE]

DAVID SO: I would love it. But everyone looks at me and they get super excited. It's like [INAUDIBLE]

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Or they're back there like [INAUDIBLE] Oh, David's coming! Oh, man. Well, I'm excited for what you're bringing us today, bro.

ANWAR JIBAWI: So you guys don't know what I brought?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: We have no idea.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Are you serious?


DAVID SO: No, I do not.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm not ready. Oh, my god, wait, wait, hit it.

ANWAR JIBAWI: All right. All right, back to food. So I opened up a restaurant. It's called Anwar's kitchen. My kitchen. Mom's recipe, my kitchen. And Yeah, I brought a few things on the menu.


DAVID SO: It's going to be delicious.

ANWAR JIBAWI: It's mediterranean. You like mediterranean?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I love Mediterranean.

DAVID SO: I love mediterranean. I really do.


TIM CHANTARANGSU: Just don't even tell us. Just surprises us with it.

DAVID SO: Oh, yeah.



ANWAR JIBAWI: Don't leave.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I was going to get some--

TIM CHANTARANGSU: What's that guy's problem?

DAVID SO: Yeah, I don't know, man. Hey.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Hey. Thank you, sir.

ANWAR JIBAWI: First up, we have the falafel salad-- for all the vegans out there, we're vegan-friendly at Anwar's Kitchen.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Well, thanks, man. It looks bomb. Smells delicious.


ANWAR JIBAWI: OK, I'm going to have a bite. Why not?

DAVID SO: Yeah, eat it.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I get full really fast.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh, OK. So you're saving it for the good dish.

DAVID SO: Oh, so you're not like one of those people that are thinner, but they can eat whatever.

ANWAR JIBAWI: No, I'm not. It depends.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Do you have a Six-pack I feel like you have a six-pack.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Yeah, you want to see it?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Yeah, whip it out.

- Whoa. Whoa Oh

TIM CHANTARANGSU: My man look like a Ninja Turtle.

DAVID SO: That's crazy. I like how a six pack only starts right here.

ANWAR JIBAWI: What do you mean, that's how they work, dude. All those haters going to say it's Photoshopped.

DAVID SO: Oh, yeah.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Wow. I tell you something, man. If you're a vegan vegetarian, you've got to eat falafel. It's so flavorful. There's so much spices in there.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: That's a good falafel. Moist. Crispy. Flavorful. All right, now let's get to the real [BEEP]

ANWAR JIBAWI: Chicken shawarma wrap.

DAVID SO: Oh Yeah.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Yes! No, this looks fire. Thank you.

ANWAR JIBAWI: With my secret sauce.

- You got so many secret sauces, man.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I made that.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Wow, I really like-- I really like Mediterranean food.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Straight from the Mediterranean Sea.

DAVID SO: Yo what [CENSORED] is in this, this is hella-good.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I would have to kill you if I tell you.

ANWAR JIBAWI: You know, this is [BLEEP] good.


DAVID SO: Was is this?

ANWAR JIBAWI: It's my secret sauce that I made over the last few months.

DAVID SO: Let's do it.


DAVID SO: Let's get it.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Should we all take at the same exact time?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: And maybe explain what a schwarma is, bet they're not familiar with what a schwarma is.

ANWAR JIBAWI: A shawarma a style of making meat. It's where you put a bunch of pieces on the skewer, and the spinning-- that's a shawarma styled meat. And then you could put in a wrap or pita, or eat it on its own or plate with rice.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: And do you say gyro or yee-ro?





ANWAR JIBAWI: You can say gyro, I guess.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Yeah, I mean, you know. gy-gy-gy-gyro.



TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh, I like the pickles in there. It's pickles? That first bite almost tasted like a burger.



TIM CHANTARANGSU: Maybe it was the pickle with just the savory meat and the veggies, but I was like, it almost taste like it could have been like just a tasty, like a moist-ass chicken burger.

DAVID SO: There's so much flavor in this bitch.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: It's tasty. I like the little bit of kick with the Anwar-sauce.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Do you want to know how I made that sauce?


ANWAR JIBAWI: I can't say it.

DAVID SO: I love this this garlic sauce that you always get the Mediterranean spots. It's super good.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Thank you.

DAVID SO: It's very good.

ANWAR JIBAWI: What do you think, Tim?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I love garlic. I love anything garlic.

ANWAR JIBAWI: What about the food?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: It's all right. No, bro. I love it. I said it was tasty, mm, I said it like 10 times. Let me get down with this garlic though. You know what? Some people don't like garlic.

DAVID SO: Like who?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: My wife's mom.

DAVID SO: Really?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Yeah, she's not a fan.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh, you're married?


ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh, I thought.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh. That was just a one-night fiasco.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: David, wake up you stupidhead.

DAVID SO: Hey, it's 4:00 AM in the morning. Why did you text me like a million times. What's going on?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm so excited because I just wanted to tell you about this new browser add on I just discovered while I was ordering us some matching speedos for the show. Is called Capital One shopping. When you add Capital One shopping to your browser, it helps you find deals and discounts that will blow your mind. It instantly searches for available coupons and automatically applies into your shopping cart, so you can snag amazing deals at all your favorite retailers. It's so easy.

DAVID SO: Wait, is this the add-on that's available on all major browsers. And it's completely free for everyone, whether you're a Capital One customer or not. And already has millions of customers who have saved over $160 million in the last year.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: That's the one, you sweet Korean man. Online shopping is dope. But listen, don't ever call me at 4:00 AM in the morning. What is wrong with you?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: OK, OK, OK, OK, look. But before you go to bed, I just have to tell you these are all the reasons why I appreciate and love you. OK.

DAVID SO: You're an idiot. You're an idiot. I don't--


TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm going to bust open this seltzer you brought us. What is this, bro?

ANWAR JIBAWI: Did I bring that?


DAVID SO: All right, I"m just going to drink this seltzer then.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Cheers. This is great.

DAVID SO: Anwar sauce in our mouths.


DAVID SO: I keep spilling on my [BLEEP] pants.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh, I can get that for you. You're good?

DAVID SO: Thank you. Thanks guys. All right. Yep.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I said I got it. I'm good. Next up, we have the beef shawarma wrap.



ANWAR JIBAWI: Beef. Are you a beefy boy?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I am a beefy boy. Beefy meaty boy. Which one of these off of the menu is like your mom's like specialty?

ANWAR JIBAWI: I would say this, the beef shawarma.

DAVID SO: Oh it's so warma- I like it.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: The shawarma. Damn, son.

DAVID SO: Thank you.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Everybody coming with the bars today.

DAVID SO: I'm going to be a rapper.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: A rap-- a rapper? You ain't got the sauce, my guy. You should probably dip.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Well what if--

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You can do it.

ANWAR JIBAWI: What rhymes with fry? What rhymes with fry? Eat a fry or say goodbye. You're going to edit all that dead space between, right? Like all that, just like-- you know?

DAVID SO: I like the beef more than I like the chicken.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm a beef person. Beef kind of guy.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Let me get another--

DAVID SO: Chicken was fire.

DAVID SO: What are you tasting, Tim?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm still deciding. You know, I think I like the chicken--


ANWAR JIBAWI: Beef better. No, I like the chicken. Wait, wait, wait. Oh, I forgot I still have them both.

DAVID SO: Everything is so flavorful.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Chicken. I vote chicken, so you're wrong.

DAVID SO: OK. All right.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm getting full--

ANWAR JIBAWI: Same, I've been full since the chicken.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: --but what have you got?

ANWAR JIBAWI: I got gyro.


DAVID SO: I'm hungry again.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: All right, let's get it.

ANWAR JIBAWI: (SINGING) I can be your hero, baby. I can wash away the pain.

DAVID SO: Get closer.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: (SINGING) I will stand by you forever.

DAVID SO: Get closer.

ANWAR JIBAWI: You can take my breath away.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Wow. You're really going to choose the gyro over me? How is that?


ANWAR JIBAWI: Delicious.

DAVID SO: Who sings that song guys?

ANWAR JIBAWI: Ready? On three.

- Drake.

DAVID SO: Wow, can I say something? You two are losers.

ANWAR JIBAWI: No, we have this dynamic. I feel like-- just think in a world where like, I sat there. No, honestly. Like we'll give you a job here-- I'm just kidding, David. I love you.

DAVID SO: I'm amazed right now. I've never seen such chemistry on this show in my life. This is crazy.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Well, David, you're not talking.

DAVID SO: Well I don't underst--

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You're busy eating.

ANWAR JIBAWI: You're busy eating, dude.

DAVID SO: I thought this was a food show. That's nuts.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh, this is a food show, sorry.

DAVID SO: By the way, this is the worst thing I've ever had in my life.

ANWAR JIBAWI: We can't talk for like 10 minutes, OK.

DAVID SO: This is delicious though.

ANWAR JIBAWI: How was your day, David

DAVID SO: Oh, it doesn't matter because this food is great.

ANWAR JIBAWI: So, where did you grow up?

DAVID SO: I grew up in North Korea.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Have you tasted the hummus?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I love hummus, but it makes me gassy. Those chickpeas really be hitting me, you know what I'm saying?

ANWAR JIBAWI: Yeah. What do you think about the gyro wrap.


DAVID SO: A lot of people have an aversion towards lamb. It's probably because it's not seasoned correctly. And when you have a gyro, very well seasoned, that lamby gaminess doesn't exist.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I wanted to make the In & Out of shawarma. You know what I mean?

DAVID SO: Oh! Limited menu.


DAVID SO: So somebody says, hey, I don't like Lamb in my shawarma, I need you to take it out. What do you say?

ANWAR JIBAWI: What do I do?

DAVID SO: So we're going to role-play this right? My name is Kate Winselworth.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Hey Kate Winselworth, how can help you?

DAVID SO: So, your guys stuff has weird meat. Can I replace this with something else, because I--

ANWAR JIBAWI: Absolutely. We chicken and beef.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: But we're just going to need to put on your mask, ma'am, is that OK?

DAVID SO: Oh, I'm sorry. Are we in a communist country right now?


DAVID SO: No, no. Is this-- the last time I checked this was the United States of Free America. Trump was president.

ANWAR JIBAWI: That's the policy.

DAVID SO: No, no, no, no. I don't have to do whatever you tell me to do. Shawarma? This is Lamb. We eat beef in America.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: This is going this is going on the internet.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Yeah, Yeah, why don't you record me? OK, why don't you also record this, OK? I [BLEEP] don't like it here, and I'm going to leave a bad Yelp review.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Hello, my friend. How can I help you? I'm the manager.

DAVID SO: OK, never mind sorry. [INAUDIBLE]

ANWAR JIBAWI: You don't like my food?

DAVID SO: Oh, no, I love it. I love it. Lamb's great.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: So what's for the next course there?

ANWAR JIBAWI: The next course is the Anwar style fries.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You just got a restaurant so you can name things for yourself.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Look, this is-- no.

DAVID SO: Would you like some Anwar tap water?

ANWAR JIBAWI: Just slap my name on everything.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: What are the Anwar fries?

ANWAR JIBAWI: I wanted to do something I was kind of like you know like the animal style fries in and out you know?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Little special situation.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Yeah, exactly, yeah.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Last but not least.

ANWAR JIBAWI: There's a lot of action going on here.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: It's a lot. It looks sexy.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Jalapenos.


TIM CHANTARANGSU: Ooh, jalapenos.


DAVID SO: I like that.



TIM CHANTARANGSU: Save me a piece of that corn. Oh it's thousand-island on there.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Thousand Island, sneaky sauce.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: This is a crazy little concoction you got going on.

ANWAR JIBAWI: It's crazy, yeah.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: What's the white stuff?

ANWAR JIBAWI: The White stuff is my tzaziki sauce.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: OK. And then is there any meat on this right now?

ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh, yeah there's chicken.


ANWAR JIBAWI: You're going to love this.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: This is exciting.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Thank you man. There's fries under this, by the way.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh. Oh, I thought it was just a corn--

ANWAR JIBAWI: You don't have to do that.

DAVID SO: No, I got it.

ANWAR JIBAWI: It's not a pie.

DAVID SO: Let me cut that up for you guys there. Yep. Yep. There you go, Tim.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh it looks really good.

DAVID SO: Oh, wow it just kind of fell apart.

ANWAR JIBAWI: You got to get a way bigger bite.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Chicken, jalapeno, fries, little corn. OK.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Little corn action.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm liking the sweet of the 1,000 islands, spicy of the jalapeno, corn, lovely little corn.

DAVID SO: So how did you come up with this dish?

ANWAR JIBAWI: I just wanted something that on the menu that I kind of made, you know, so I just put a bunch of things together. But it's things that I like. I love corn, jalapenos and stuff, and this is something that I can just take on the go really quick and just, boom, boom, boom. Not very specific, not too much.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: So this isn't a Mediterranean dish.

ANWAR JIBAWI: It is, but it isn't. Does that makes sense? Like it is-- but it isn't.

DAVID SO: Oh, OK. OK. I understand what you're saying, man.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Didn't get it at first.

DAVID SO: It's like it is, right? But at the same time, it isn't.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Well Thanks for bringing us all your delicious treats from your delicious restaurant, and delicious face.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Thank you.

DAVID SO: It was a fun time. I loved it.


ANWAR JIBAWI: It was great.

ANWAR JIBAWI: We should do it again.

DAVID SO: We really should.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Just like you and I?

DAVID SO: Oh that'll be fantastic. Yeah but I can't finish--


DAVID SO: Hey, man. Hey. Hey.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I mean, at least it wasn't on my side of the table.

DAVID SO: I know, right?


DAVID SO: Well guys, that wraps up this episode of Send Fooz. Make sure that you guys check out Anwar's Food, his place is called Anwar's.

ANWAR JIBAWI: I'm going to take the rest of this.

DAVID SO: And then we're going to just have some of the food here, [INAUDIBLE] very much.

ANWAR JIBAWI: Take the bite.

DAVID SO: Thank you.