Send Foodz: Tim and David Go Low-Carb with Marlon Webb

This week on “Send Foodz”, Tim and David are joined by the host of Thrillist’s “Nuke With Me”, Marlon Webb. Marlon, a self-proclaimed lazy eater, brings the boys his favorite healthy food options. The keto-friendly menu includes juicy steak, organic wings, and delicious Korean BBQ. You already know the guys aren't big health nuts, but you really don’t want to miss Tim and David’s unfiltered reaction to Marlon’s “dessert” pick. This video "Send Foodz: Tim and David Go Low-Carb with Marlon Webb", first appeared on

Video Transcript

MARLON WEBB: So the other episodes, you don't drink. But you chose this one?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Yeah. It depends on the guest.

MARLON WEBB: Oh, OK. Oh, and that's broken. Damn.

DAVID SO: This is only our second day, Tim.


TIM CHANTARANGSU: This was really sticky and wet at the same time.


TIM CHANTARANGSU: Wake up, David. Oh, my God. Welcome back to another episode of "Send Foodz" on Thrillist. I'm Tim Chantarangsu.

DAVID SO: And I'm David So.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh man. How are you liking these episodes with the guest?

DAVID SO: It's fantastic. It adds a new little spice. And who doesn't like a little spice?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I tell you what, I love spice, don't like the guests.

DAVID SO: Yeah, me neither dude. I was going to say the same thing.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: But whatever. We're going to do it because Thrillist is making us do it. I'm excited for this episode because we got a really funny, creative--

DAVID SO: Handsome.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Handsome, strapping young man coming to dine with us today. Make some noise for our guest, Marlon Webb.

MARLON WEBB: What's good? What's good? What up? What up?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: How are you, man?

MARLON WEBB: I'm good. How are you?


MARLON WEBB: That's what's up. What's up?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I didn't-- yeah.

MARLON WEBB: That's what's up, man. That's what's up.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Do you have a delicious food for us today?

MARLON WEBB: I got a few things. Low carb options because I don't do carbs because I'm a boring eater. But--

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Are you serious?

MARLON WEBB: Yeah. It's the same five places I get when I eat out, which I don't do a lot. But--

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Well, let's get it, man? Oh wait. You know what? Do you partake in the alcoholic beverages?


TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh, well, shall we have a drink?

MARLON WEBB: Let's have a drink.


DAVID SO: Oh gosh.

MARLON WEBB: I think you got to put the-- I don't know. Don't listen to me.

DAVID SO: I don't know [BLEEP].

MARLON WEBB: Just so y'all know, I don't normally drink margaritas with sugar or nothing like that.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh you want-- we--

MARLON WEBB: Not to contradict what I'm about to do for the meals.


MARLON WEBB: This is a special occasion. You know what I mean?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I mean, I'm down to just sip the tequila. We don't need the sugary mix. Tell me how you feel about that and see if you want to continue to sip that. Or--

DAVID SO: Oh this thing gets so cold when you touch it. Look, it's cold as hell.


DAVID SO: That's cold.

MARLON WEBB: Oh that is smooth.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Cheers to being manly men.

MARLON WEBB: Cheers to being men. Yeah.

DAVID SO: Yeah. I was once a manly man as well.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: That's what we are. All right. What's the first food, man?

MARLON WEBB: So the first food that we're going to eat today is a dish from Tender Greens.

DAVID SO: Tender Greens is healthy.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: He told us he was going to be doing that, dog. It's healthy enough.

DAVID SO: Oh but it comes with the bread.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I always order a steak salad from Tender Greens. Yeah.

DAVID SO: This Is my [BLEEP].

MARLON WEBB: This is what I get.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: And how do you like your steak, Marlon Webb?

MARLON WEBB: I like it bloody.


MARLON WEBB: I like it bloody.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You know what? I was a little worried at first. I thought you were going to say well done.

MARLON WEBB: Why would you think that about me?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I mean, I don't know how they do things in Boston. Are you from Boston originally? So I mean, I felt like Boston dudes all get their steak well done. You know what I'm saying?

MARLON WEBB: I never paid attention but you're right.

DAVID SO: I love me some nice mid rare to medium steak, a little hanger steak, a little mash on there. You know what I'm saying?


MARLON WEBB: An American dish.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: The potatoes are popping. Super soft and creamy.

DAVID SO: Buttery.


DAVID SO: Oh yeah.

MARLON WEBB: They can do it. Tender Greens can do it. Well seasoned. Very basic dish, but it hits.

DAVID SO: Was it hard for you to cut out carbs when you were trying to lose weight?

MARLON WEBB: Yeah. It's sucked because my favorite food is mac and cheese.


MARLON WEBB: And that was making me fat.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: As somebody from Boston, is the Boston Market an accurate portrayal of your Bostonian culture?


TIM CHANTARANGSU: I really grew up thinking like, man. Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes come from Boston. That's crazy. Why do they call it Beantown?

MARLON WEBB: I don't know. They eat beans?

DAVID SO: That's what it is.

MARLON WEBB: If I'm going to be honest, white people. They named it that.


MARLON WEBB: Oh, we don't get to finish it?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: If you want. I'm trying to pace myself.

MARLON WEBB: So next, we have something I usually like to order when I'm watching a game or something like that when I'm hanging out with my boys.

DAVID SO: Chicken wings? It's chicken wings.

MARLON WEBB: Yeah, its wings.

DAVID SO: Hell yes.

MARLON WEBB: It's wings.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: From where though?

MARLON WEBB: It's from OG Wingz.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: OK, I've never been.

DAVID SO: Never been.

MARLON WEBB: Yeah, it's like organic wings.


DAVID SO: Organic wings?


DAVID SO: Well I'mma just get this one because this one doesn't look hot all.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: It looks just like a nice little lemon pepper situation.

DAVID SO: Looks like a lemon pepper [INAUDIBLE].

TIM CHANTARANGSU: All right. Well, I don't know what this-- I see lots of moist saucy situations in this area. So I'm going to go--

MARLON WEBB: This flavor is the best flavor. I ain't going to lie.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: With the green and orange sauce splattered on it.

DAVID SO: This is lemon pepper with ranch dressing.


DAVID SO: This is delicious.

MARLON WEBB: They can do lemon pepper.

DAVID SO: That is good.

MARLON WEBB: They can really do lemon pepper.

DAVID SO: Is this is your favorite wing spot?

MARLON WEBB: Yeah. Oh yeah.

DAVID SO: Oh, you like them wings. Oh you definitely like them wings.

MARLON WEBB: He said, oh you like them wings?

DAVID SO: Yeah. Oh [BLEEP] good.


TIM CHANTARANGSU: And I appreciate that you took a bite of a boneless and you said, no. You put it down and went to the boned.

MARLON WEBB: I don't do that.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Me neither. We in the same boat, dog. Let me go for the lemon pepper situation. Have you ever been to Atlanta and had the lemon pepper wet?

MARLON WEBB: I've never been to Atlanta.


MARLON WEBB: Never been in Atlanta.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Lemon pepper wet, bro. If you [BLEEP] with wings--

MARLON WEBB: I heard about it.

DAVID SO: I love chicken wings.

MARLON WEBB: I heard the wings at the strip clubs in Atlanta are real good too.

DAVID SO: Chicken wings everyone in Atlanta are good.

MARLON WEBB: Everywhere?

DAVID SO: You just can't get bad wings over there.

MARLON WEBB: Or they just like push them because it's like you don't expect it?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: No, I tell you what. Some of the best wings I've ever had were at a strip club in Houston, actually.


TIM CHANTARANGSU: Yeah. Yeah. Really good wings.

DAVID SO: Yo this is addictive. Oh. Oh, this is good.

MARLON WEBB: Yeah. Yeah.

DAVID SO: Yeah. I'm full, guys. Just we're done. I'm full.

MARLON WEBB: I can keep going.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Do you eat the cartilage part of it?

MARLON WEBB: I try to eat everything, everything.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Same, bro. Same. Hell yeah. Hell yeah.

MARLON WEBB: Can I get a napkin?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Whoo. All right, well, what's next?

MARLON WEBB: So this is Korean barbecue. When I go out my friends to eat, usually I pick Korean barbecue because low carb obviously. It's just mostly all meat. Can't go wrong with that.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Got your protein, not a lot of carbs, especially if instead of using the rice paper, you're using these little radish papers like this here.

MARLON WEBB: I'm so basic with it. I just eat the meat and that's pretty much it.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Well, here's what they do, bro. You take one these little radish tortillas, put a piece of meat on there, throw a little kimchi on it, you know what I'm saying? And then make yourself a little taco.

MARLON WEBB: That's artistic, but--

TIM CHANTARANGSU: No, but it's really good too. It's like you get to eat a little salad but a Taco.

MARLON WEBB: I feel it but I'm not artistic with it. I just I'm so basic. I just eat the meat.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm not doing it to be artistic.

MARLON WEBB: I don't know why I'm saying it's artistic. But you know what I mean. I'm lazy. I'm lazy. I'm [BLEEP] lazy. Dammit. I'm just going to eat all of it.

DAVID SO: Yeah, man. You're buff. You need this stuff.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh. Yeah. Give it to me on the bone like that.


MARLON WEBB: I'm buff. I need it.

DAVID SO: Oh because the caramelization on that one.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Damn, you're giving it all to me?

DAVID SO: Yeah, man. We had enough. I'm full.

DAVID SO: Yeah I know you. I can tell.

MARLON WEBB: I'm not full, yo.


MARLON WEBB: I should slow down though because I'm excited for the next meal.

DAVID SO: Oh my God. There's more.

MARLON WEBB: But wait. There's more.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: There's more. David, wake up you stupid head.

DAVID SO: Hey, it's 4:00 AM in the morning. Why did you text me like a million times? What's going on?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'm so excited because I just wanted to tell you about this new browser add on I just discovered while I was ordering us some matching Speedos for the show. OK? It's called Capital One Shopping. When you add Capital One Shopping to your browser, it helps you find deals and discounts that will blow your mind. It instantly searches for available coupons and automatically applies them to your shopping cart so you can snag amazing deals at all your favorite retailers. It's so easy.

DAVID SO: Wait, is this the add on that's available on all major browsers? And it's completely free for everyone whether you're in Capital One customer or not? And it already has millions of customers who have saved over $160 million in the last year?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: That's the one, you sweet Korean man.

DAVID SO: OK, well Capital One Shopping is dope. But listen, don't ever call me at 4:00 AM in the morning. What is wrong with you?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: OK, OK, OK, OK, look. But before you go to bed, I just have to tell you. These are all the reasons why I appreciate and love you. OK. Number one.

DAVID SO: You're an idiot. I don't--


MARLON WEBB: So next spot is my favorite spot on the list. I've been flirting with them for a very long time.


MARLON WEBB: And it's a lot better than In-N-Out.


MARLON WEBB: In-N-Out is a D plus. Let's be real, y'all.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Whoa, speaking like a true out of towner.

MARLON WEBB: I said what I said.


MARLON WEBB: Did I offend someone in the room?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Did you get it?

MARLON WEBB: Does someone want to fight? Oh, he wants to fight.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Whatever, what's this stupid place you're about to serve us?

MARLON WEBB: Shake Shack.



TIM CHANTARANGSU: OK. We love Shake Shack.

MARLON WEBB: Shake Shack's delicious. It's much better than In-N-Out.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: It's two different creatures, bro.

DAVID SO: One is $4.00. The other is $14.00.

MARLON WEBB: And if you think Shake Shack isn't better than In-N-Out, come see me. We bout that.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You look good, though.

DAVID SO: You look fantastic. How often do you work out?

MARLON WEBB: Probably twice a day during the week.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: This is what we be doing twice a week, dog. That's why we look like [BLEEP]

DAVID SO: That's so true.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: This man ordered us protein style burgers from Shack Shake.

MARLON WEBB: We're low carb. We're low carb. We're healthy here.

DAVID SO: You might as well have given me a brand new sneaker and then just crease them right in front of my face.

MARLON WEBB: Why? Because the lettuce is great.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: The bread at Shake Shack is so delicious.

MARLON WEBB: It is fire.


MARLON WEBB: Wasn't the one with the bread? Right here. Right there. There it is. Y'all can split it.

DAVID SO: All right. Tim, we're going to split this because this is the only--

TIM CHANTARANGSU: No, no, no. I'm full.

DAVID SO: All right. I'll eat it then.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Yeah, yeah. You eat it.

DAVID SO: So they got their little Martin's potato roll here. I heard they source their beef from very specific places. And their tomatoes this is why it's so good. They actually put a lot of thought and care into the smashburger. So people start to wonder why they're a little bit on the pricier side. It's because they put that thought into it. It was good.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'll tell you--

MARLON WEBB: See? He knows.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I love a good Shake Shack burger. I also love a good In-N-Out burger. It all depends on the mood.

MARLON WEBB: I mean, I love oven food. But then, if I don't have time, I use the microwave. You know what I mean?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Don't cosign that. He's calling In-N-Out microwave food.

MARLON WEBB: Greens are good for you. So it's OK. This is good. I haven't even had a bite yet. I'm already-- A lot of lettuce though. Now I'm getting a little messy.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'll tell you what. In-N-Out doesn't use that much lettuce.

MARLON WEBB: That's because they don't like nutrients. It's all right.


MARLON WEBB: Actually, when I got In-N-Out lettuce wrap, the lettuce is like yellow.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Hey, what you got against yellow?


MARLON WEBB: You know I knew I was going to get cancelled one day. Cancel me. Yeah.

DAVID SO: I'm really full. I'm still eating this [BLEEP].

MARLON WEBB: I know I got [BLEEP] on my face. I know that. I'm aware. Let me have this.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Do your think, bro. All right. This is our last thing, correct? Thank God. I am so full. What do you have for us?

MARLON WEBB: I got a little dessert. A little dessert that I don't eat very often. I probably eat this maybe like two times a year. So this is special to me.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: This is a treat.

MARLON WEBB: It is my favorite food from a specific place. I've had a lot of different types of-- I'm just going say mac and cheese. I've got a lot of different types of mac and cheese from all types of restaurants. And for some reason, this mac and cheese really stands out to me. We're going to go with Panera Bread mac and cheese.


DAVID SO: Let me tell you something.

MARLON WEBB: What's up. Talk to me.

DAVID SO: I hate Panera Bread.


MARLON WEBB: Oh, OK. This is off to a good start.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Oh, but this looks great. Oh, there's different kinds.

MARLON WEBB: That's the broccoli cheddar. I had the broccoli cheddar over I don't know, Thanksgiving. [BLEEP] put me to sleep.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: I'll tell you what. This broccoli cheddar situation looks delicious. David, why do you hate Panera?

DAVID SO: Their food just doesn't taste that great.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Really? Have you had their mac and cheese?

DAVID SO: No I have not. And this looks like something that came out of a elephant's butt.

MARLON WEBB: You have never seen anything that comes out of a elephant's butt. That's for sure.

DAVID SO: Yes I have. Have you seen the movie Tarzan with Brendan Fraser?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Remember in "Ace Ventura 2" when he crawled out of the rhinoceros's butt? Yeah. That was funny. That's what it looks like just a little bit.

DAVID SO: So what do you like about this, Marlon?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Did you try some?

MARLON WEBB: Yeah. Why are you talking? What's up? What are we about to do?

DAVID SO: I would use this to glue two pieces of paper together. So what do you enjoy about this.

MARLON WEBB: I used to eat glue.

DAVID SO: There we go, guys.

MARLON WEBB: I used to eat glue in kindergarten.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Did you guys ever put the glue on your hands and let it dry and then peel it off?

MARLON WEBB: Sensational.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You love that?

MARLON WEBB: I'm saying sensational to both things.

DAVID SO: Oh you enjoy this.

MARLON WEBB: OK. Again, two times a year. I'm feeling this. And I might relapse. I might go crazy. You know what I mean?

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You have been looking-- you look great. I'll tell you what.

DAVID SO: Your forearm looks constantly flexed. Look at that. That's amazing.

MARLON WEBB: Ah, it was all for nothing.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: We need some more Panera mac and cheese, man.

MARLON WEBB: It's all for nothing.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: Well, thanks for stopping by and bringing us some of your favorite eats, bro.

MARLON WEBB: Yeah, no doubt.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: You also we're doing a show on Thrillist.



MARLON WEBB: This past summer.

TIM CHANTARANGSU: That's right. So it's all family right now. You know what I'm saying? Thrillist family.

MARLON WEBB: We're the Thrillist family.


DAVID SO: This is fantastic. Now I understand. This tastes like it was cooked in a microwave.