Sen. Wyden: ‘Trump brigade’ teargassed ER doctor who was peacefully protesting

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon joins Yahoo News Editor in Chief Daniel Klaidman and Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff to talk about the protesters in Portland and how ER doctor Sharon Meieran was part of a mother’s group peacefully protesting in Portland and was teargassed.

Video Transcript

SENATOR JOHN WYDEN: A long-time friend of mine is an ER doctor named Sharon Meieran. She's a terrific person. Doesn't have a violent bone in her body. She's also a county commissioner as well. But we know her as the "ER Doc" and anytime we get together for a barbecue or something like that, everybody wants to ask her opinion about this kind of complaint, or that kind of complaint.

A couple of nights ago, she was part of the Mom's Group that was downtown, peacefully protesting, and one of the "Trump Brigade" threw a tear gas canister at her and her other fellow protesters, all of whom were not engaged in anything provocative. So those are the kinds of things that we're paying attention to. And you've seen the accounts of veterans being beaten up when they just want to ask a question. And last night the moms and dads were basically singing a lullaby just about not getting shot by Trump's crowd.

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