Sen. Jacky Rosen addresses Nevada's handling of COVID-19

The Nevada senator spoke about the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic and how it should address re-opening in the future.

Video Transcript

SENATOR JACKY ROSEN: I think the governor has done a great job. First of all, one of the reasons that Nevada has a lower number of cases-- and of course no death, any death is too many-- but lower in comparison number of fatalities due to COVID is because of his early and aggressive action to shut down those 100,000 hotel rooms plus in Las Vegas, and of course up and down the state. I think that that saved lives.

I think the most important thing we can do is to work together going forward. We need to protect our lives and our livelihoods. But if we don't do that in a smart and thoughtful way, in this progressive way that if we see something that's not right, that we can pull it back or modify or change it as we go forward. The cost is too great. If it's your mother, your grandmother, God forbid your child, the cost is too great. Doesn't mean that we don't open, but I think it means that we make a plan, we work the plan.

We keep analyzing and adjusting as we go because Nevada will be ready to bounce back. And I think if we can do it in a smart and safe way, Las Vegas is going to be what it was just a few-- it seems like a lifetime ago, but just two months ago. And that's what I want to look forward to. I understand that people are anxious to go back to work but we need to be smart about it.