Selma Blair Exudes Empowerment & Joy in New Photos With Her Cane

Selma Blair is the picture of empowerment and joy in the series of new photos she shared on her Instagram.

Boldly embracing the cane she has used since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2018, Blair posed with the aid for a series of powerful shots that are as poignant as they are playful.

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One photo shows her resting her chin on the handle of her cane, gazing intently into the distance. Another shows her mid-lunge, cane in hand, for an artistic interpretation of her mobility. Our favorite photo shows Blair in mid-air, having leaped in joyful fashion with one arm outstretched and the other braced on her cane, a relaxed smile on her face. Another shows her with her arms crossed over her walking aid, staring into the camera with a challenging expression that seems to say, ‘What, are you uncomfortable with me unapologetically embracing life with a cane?’

The actress shared an excerpt from her memoir, Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up, in the post’s caption and as an image at the end of her carousel. She reflected on her time working at a Gap store in Manhattan during a period of searching for meaning in her life. She wrote, “I asked for clarity about what to do with my life. If a job didn’t materialize, I’d have to give up, go back to Michigan, and work at Dawn’s Donuts, then marry rich. As if, in that fantasy, my mother would be pleased.”

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Blair continued to recollect the job she found at the Gap, musing about the simple joys she found in working at the store, concluding, “In a way, working at the Gap was the perfect job for me, a place to channel my deep need for organization.”

Currently participating as a celebrity competitor on Dancing With the Stars, Blair’s Instagram musings seem to serve as a parallel for the boundaries she’s pushing and the new life she’s leading as a person living with MS. In another instance of asking for cosmic clarity, Blair seems to have found the perfect outlet to channel the myriad emotions and thoughts tied to her medical diagnosis in a way that’s just as poignant and playful as her latest Instagram post.

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Matthew McConaughey, Lauren Akins

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