‘Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald opens up about miscarriage that left her ‘in shock’

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Fans of Selling Sunset have been watching Mary Fitzgerald as she went from dating her now-husband Romain Bonnet to embarking on a fertility journey to announcing their first pregnancy together. But when the longtime star of the show announced her miscarriage in a tearful Instagram video in March, we didn’t know how much of that journey would be documented by Selling Sunset‘s cameras. As it turns out, all of it.

In the premiere episode of the seventh season, we saw Mary and Romain learning they were expecting their baby, and Mary, who is a mom to a son she had when she was a teenager, excited to have another baby now that she isn’t “on her own.”

But episodes later, at a doctor’s appointment, we see Mary have an ultrasound and learn that her baby has no heartbeat. She reveals that she’s been through miscarriages before, so she knows exactly what’s happening in that heartwrenching moment.

Mary told Today.com that she never considered she would lose this baby, so she was caught completely off guard when it happened.

“I was just so excited and so focused on this new future, even though realistically I always knew that there was that chance. I just never let my mind go there,” she said. “I was just optimistic and positive about it.”

The cameras are also there as she starts to break the news to friends — and her Selling Sunset costars.

“I don’t know what the normal timeframe is to get over something like this and I just keep moving forward and trying to put a smile on my face and act like everything’s OK, but it doesn’t feel OK,” she says in a confessional on the show.

After her miscarriage, Mary understandably decided to take some time away from work and filming, which is why she doesn’t play a huge role in Season 7, especially since her role as manager of The Oppenheim Group requires her to mediate much of the drama between the other agents there.

“When I got pregnant, I just decided that it’s not worth it. These ladies are adults. They’re grown, they can handle their own issues or arguments,” she said. But for the sake of my health and the baby’s health and my family, I decided to focus on my own clients because it did take a lot of time away from me focusing on my own career.”

And in the future, she and Romain plan to try again to expand their family — and may even continue to document their journey on reality TV.

“I’m pretty much an open person when it comes to myself,” Mary said. “But if it’s someone else, like, in my family, I won’t be open about it because that’s not my place to just talk about somebody else. But if it’s about me, I’m pretty much open.”