Groom Got to Wear a Football Helmet at His Wedding Thanks to His Selfless Bride

Photo: @LeeToplanding/Twitter
Photo: @LeeToplanding/Twitter

When you marry someone, you are also, in some way, marrying the things they love — a favorite musician, a beloved TV show, a film genre, a sport. That’s why it always strikes us as a good sign when both members of the couple agree to incorporate some element of their fandom into their nuptials. While NFL-themed weddings aren’t exactly new, we can’t imagine they’re a common sight in West Sussex, England, where one Miami Dolphins superfan just got married.

“You know you have found the one when she buys you a @MiamiDolphins helmet to wear at your wedding so you match your cake topper,” a man who who goes by Lee Toplanding wrote on Twitter this past Sunday. That cake topper in question features a bride in traditional attire facing a groom in an oversized Dolphins helmet. Here’s a closeup he also shared:

One look at this guy’s Twitter proves that he has traded in his fellow countrymen’s favorite sports like soccer and cricket for America’s NFL and NBA, and he is really into Miami teams. In a post last July, he explained that his Dolphins love began when he was flying out to Tampa to see a Buccaneers game years ago. Fate intervened in the form of an overbooked flight and an offer to be diverted to Miami. “I looked it up, and the Dolphins were playing the Falcons, so me and my dad went,” he wrote. “Been each year since and with a game pass never miss a game. Dolphins-themed wedding coming up.”

Yahoo Style reached out to Toplanding to see what other Dolphins-themed items the wedding included (we see that seashell-adorned cake) — though with no reply it’s possible the happy couple is currently on a Dolphins-themed honeymoon. One thing is certain, if his bride is not as into the football as he is, she is definitely a good sport.

Then again, a helmet and cake topper look like small potatoes when compared with this stadium replica baked for the general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers this January.

And then there are those couples who are so into a sport they miss their own wedding reception to attend a game.

When ⚾️ is life!

A post shared by St. Louis Cardinals (@cardinals) on Jun 24, 2017 at 5:56pm PDT

And we can’t forget the twists of destiny that intervene to give mega-fans the opportunity to strengthen their support for their favorite team, while also getting a life partner. For example, when Green Bay fan Ryan Holtan-Murphy took his wife Marie Packer’s last name.

Congratulations you Miami Dolphins newlyweds and, wherever you are, know that you have fans in us.

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