Selena Gomez's French Manicure Is as Classic as it Gets

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Perfect for Paris.

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Since the new year, Selena Gomez has had a new manicure to match every new appearance. She kicked off the year at the Golden Globes with edgy patent leather nails and kept the dark streak going at the Emmys with a trendy black cherry manicure. After the award shows, she ditched the edge for some springtime fun with pastel purple nails and reached for a flirty red shade for her first public date night with Benny Blanco. Her latest nail look this year? A classic French tip.

On February 17, Gomez's go-to nail artist, Tom Bachik, posted a photo of his latest work on the superstar. Created for the music video for "Love On," which is set to drop on February 22, the nail look is the perfect French mani for her song, which was inspired by a recent visit to Paris.

While Gomez usually goes for a medium-length, almond shape nail, this time around, she went with a blunt square shape. Still a medium length, the nails started with a base layer of baby pink. A natural, skin tone-flattering pink, it continued all the way to where her nails extended to where her nails lifted off her finger where the tip started. Bright white, the tips continued in small framing slivers on the outside of her nail and then forming the thick tips.

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To go with the nails, Gomez wore a cute coquette outfit that gave us all the French girl vibes. She wore a ruffly, fluffy black dress. Her sleeves had a puffy silhouette that connected to a tight-fitting bodice. Her white collar poked out from the dress, which was embellished with a sparkly black bow.

Of course, the makeup was just as gorgeous. Framed under a slightly wavy bob and wispy bangs, Gomez's skin was glowy and hydrated. Her lips were a coral nude shade that complimented her blush flush. Then, her eyes finished the glam with lined water lines, wispy lashes, and a slight smoky eye.

Luckily for us, copying her French mani is easy enough for even the least talented nail artist to recreate perfectly.

First, as with any nail look, remove any lingering nail polish with remover. Then, cut and file your nails to the desired length and shape—this would also be the time to apply any tips or press-on if you want. After that, buff the surface for an even nail bed before applying your favorite base coat.

You can either just leave the base coat as-is, or you could reach for something like Essie's Ballet Slippers ($11) for a neutral glossy shade. Either way, wait for the base layer to dry, then create the shape of your French tip with tape. With the shape finished, paint a color like OPI's Funny Bunny ($12) over the top, peel the tape, and let dry. Then, finish off with a high-shine top coat, and you will be as Parisian as it gets.

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