Selena Gomez Shouted "I'm Single" At A Soccer Field Of Men, And It Has Strong Alex Russo Vibes

Selena Gomez is one of the most hilarious and oftentimes relatable celebrities on TikTok.

In the past, she's been refreshingly honest on the platform, like when she declared that "real stomachs" were coming back:

Selena wearing a bathing suit and saying" I'm not sucking my stomach in"
Selena Gomez TikTok / Via

And earlier this year, when she posted a TikTok joking around about her single status to a voice that said, "Guys, I figured out the reason why I'm single. Apparently you have to go outside and meet people. Like, you actually have to go outside and talk to them."

Screenshot of Selena's TIkTok where she's sitting with a large drink cup and straw and wearing hoop earrings
Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via

Well, it seems that Selena did just that again yesterday. She posted a TikTok with the caption, "The struggle man lol" while sitting on the sidelines watching some athletes playing soccer.

She wasn't exactly...subtle...when she shouted, "I'm single" at the field.

Selena Gomez shouts I'm single at the field

The video comes after Selena was rumored to be seeing stars like Zayn Malik and the Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart earlier this year.

Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via

*Live footage of a bunch of guys who will be absolutely kicking themselves instead of the soccer ball if they don't realize who was just shouting at them.*

All the soccer players that Selena was shouting at on the field

She was shooting her shot while they were literally shooting shots.

Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via

Selena continued by pitching herself to her could-be suitors with a potential "red card"...

Selena saying "I'm just a little high maintenance"
Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via

...but one MASSIVE green flag:

Selena saying "but I'll love you sooooo much!"
Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via

Commenters couldn't get enough of Selena's video, but everyone was thinking the same thing: This had EXTREME "Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place" energy, from the outfit to sitting on the side of a soccer field to honestly everything about it.

People making jokes: "This is not Selena Gomez, this is Alex Russo" and "Alex Russo what are you doing here?" with sob and thumbs-up emojis
Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via
More jokes about Alex Russo: "this is still alex russo but 15 years older" and "Alex russo is coming" with joy emojis
Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via
Jokes about alex russo saying the fit and the location is very much giving alex russo
Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via

And, in conclusion, this TikTok user said what we're all thinking:

Someone commenting "Can you imagine playing soccer [and] hearing Selena Gomez saying this to you my absolute dream"
Selena Gomez / TikTok / Via

Selena, please update us if any of these guys followed up.