Selena Gomez 'Was Never Approached' to Make a Cameo With Ex Justin Bieber in Drake's Music Video, Despite Rumors

Hilary Weaver
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Photo credit: Jag Gundu - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jag Gundu - Getty Images


This month in collaboration news, Justin Bieber starred in the video for DJ Khaled and Drake's most recent project, "Popstar," in which he lip-syncs Selena Gomez's name. Despite rumors that Gomez, his ex, was asked to be in the video, she had no involvement in it at all, a source told People.

"Selena was never approached and had no plans to participate in the music video," the source said. These rumors started circulating among fans after a businessman named Shazir Mucklai said in a press release that he had told Gomez to appear in the music video to "lessen the friction" between her and Bieber.

Gomez doesn't show up anywhere in the video, and it seems that Mucklai's claims about her involvement were false. Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber's wife, does make an appearance at the end of the music video. In the video, she wakes up next to her husband, who shares his "crazy dream" with her. "I had this crazy dream that Drake asked me to be in a video, but he wasn't in the video; it was just a bunch of people...I love you, baby." Then, the two take their dog for a walk. During their walk, Bieber gets a call from none other than Drake.

Gomez might not have had anything to do with this particular project, but she's certainly been busy with her own work lately. This past week, she launched Rare Beauty with Sephora.

"I'm SO excited to finally share that @RareBeauty will be launching September 3rd only at @Sephora, @SephoraCanada, @SephoraMx and," Gomez wrote in an Instagram post. "I've had so much fun creating everything and can’t wait for y’all to try it all! I hope you love it as much as I do!"

She also released the single "Ice Cream" with BLACKPINK in late August.

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