Selena Gomez Just Jumped on the Chrome Nail Train

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It's her edgiest manicure yet.

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Every time we see Selena Gomez, she's wearing a copy-worthy manicure. She’s tried it all—from “bubblegum disco” nails to pearl shimmer, muted French, cherry Jello, and shiny emerald. She's almost always playing around with colors and styles that help express herself and cause some stares. However, as you’ve probably noticed, most of her nails fall on the more colorful, sparkly, cutesy end of the spectrum rather than the dark or edgy. Recently though, she broke that pattern, debuting an edgy chrome manicure that coordinated with her fall-ready outfit.

At Coldplay’s stadium show in Los Angeles on October 1, the band brought out two special guests: H.E.R. and Selena Gomez, who performed “Let Somebody Go” live on stage with the band.

On Gomez’s Instagram story, she posted a photo while getting ready backstage, and gave us a close-up look at what she wore to surprise the audience, and we were immediately drawn to her ultra-shiny nails.

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Short and almond-shaped, each of her nails had the same shiny finish. Not a dark gray chrome, but also not a glazed donut chrome, her nails were pure silver that perfectly matched the silver accents in her outfit—even reflecting the lights from her vanity like a mirror.

The silver theme continued with a chunky ring on each hand and a pair of large hoop earrings. It was also present in the abstract belt that was part of her black bodycon dress—instead of the fabric ruching on its own or with the help of a belt, along the waist of her dress was a bent silver bar embedded in the fabric. The material of the dress folded around the metal to form the texture and movement of the dress, also helping hold up the fabric for the slit on her leg, which showed off her Gucci tights.

The last bit of silver was in her makeup. Her eyeshadow had the faintest hint of metallic in the inner corner and center of her eyelids before fading out into more of a dark gray shade. The finishing touches on the glam were pink lips, matte skin, and her black hair in a precise middle part.

If you want to match Gomez’s performance manicure, we got you covered with the step-by-step. However, since chrome powder is a professional-only product, it might be best to head to your favorite nail artist for the shiniest possible outcome.

First, as with any manicure, you will need to start by removing any lingering polish with nail polish remover. Then, apply cuticle oil to soften and push back your cuticles. After that, cut and file your nail to the desired length, buff for an even nail bed, and apply your favorite base coat.

Once your base coat is dry, there are a few ways to achieve a chrome finish without the nail salon. First, is to take your favorite silver eyeshadow and dust it over a layer of a base coat, then seal it in with a topcoat. Or, you could use a metallic nail polish like Zoya’s Trixie polish ($10). Then just seal it in with a top coat, and you will be shimmering like Selena.

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