Seeking Mongolia’s Secret Natural Wonder

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One of the great wonders of Mongolia is a place in the Gobi Desert called The Khongoryn Els, otherwise known as the Singing Sand Dunes.

Towering up to 300 meters high, these skyscraper high dunes are one of only 30 in the world with the exact perfect conditions—the consistency of the sand, the length, the height, the angle to the wind, etc.— to sing… When you climb high enough (and this is no mean feat. Again, they are 300 meters high and while the wind does blow, it’s close to 94 degrees out) the wind will whip up and the sand starts to sing.


Photo by Roberto Esposti/Alamy Stock Photo. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.

Marco Polo once described the music at these dunes as, “the sounds of all kind of musical instruments and also the clash of arms."


The majesty of late afternoon at Khongoryn Els. (Photo: Thinkstock)

It is some of the most beautiful music you will hear… But you have to get there first. And it’s no cake walk. Just check out the video!

Huge thanks to Intrepid Travel for showing me this incredible natural wonder.