See Ya, Gingerbread! Hostess's Party-Size Twinkies Baking Kit Serves 20 People

Chanel Vargas

Growing up, the holidays were always a time for sipping on enormous cups of hot chocolate and baking up old favorites that would be gone before the oven even had time to cool down. This year, I might be adding a new recipe to my list because Walmart is selling a Hostess Party-Size Holiday Twinkies Baking Kit that serves 20 people, and I'm on a sugar high just looking at it.

The massive kit comes with Twinkies cake mix, a vanilla cream filling mix, a Twinkie-shaped baking pan, and instructions on how to make this huge Twinkie a reality at home. All you need to add is vegetable oil, eggs, water, and heavy cream. But I am curious how this would turn out if I mixed in a few holiday sprinkles with the cream before putting it in the middle of the cake.

Shop the giant Twinkie for yourself ahead, and maybe consider whipping up this Duncan Hines Mega Cookie on the side for a holiday dessert party that would definitely cover all of Buddy the Elf's favorite food groups.

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