See the Live-Action Kim Possible In Action For the First Time in This New Trailer

Here’s the sitch. One thing studios have been known to do is take popular animated characters, and repackage them into live-action movies. And the Disney Channel is no exception to this popular trend, as they just released the first teaser trailer for Kim Possible, the live-action reboot of the beloved animated series of the same name. In this version, fans will finally get a chance to see Kim Possible in the flesh, who will be played by actress Sadie Stanley, whose only other screen credit is a background role on the Nickelodeon show Game Shakers.


The original Kim Possible was a massively popular animated series that ran on the Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007. In it, titular character Kim Possible was a high school cheerleader and part-time crime fighter. In each episode, Kim struggled with balancing a high school life full of assignments, love interests, and schoolyard rivalries, all while trying to stop one evil genius after another from destroying the world.

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Kim Possible was originally voiced by actress Christy Carlson Romano, who will make an appearance in the live-action reboot, though it is unclear what role she’ll play. Patton Oswalt, who voiced villain Dr. Dementor in the original show, is set to return for the reboot as well.

Sean Giambrone will co-star with Stanley as Kim’s best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable. The original Ron Stoppable, voiced by Will Friedle, was an affable goofball who loved nachos and his pet naked mole rat, Rufus. Ron’s best known for adding laughs to the series, which shouldn’t be a problem for Giambrone who proved his comedy chops playing Adam Goldberg in ABC comedy The Goldbergs.

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Though the teaser-trailer is only a few seconds long and not much is known about its plot, fans are still excited for a character, who many associate with their middle school days, to get a new generation of followers.

Kim Possible will be released on the Disney Channel in 2019.

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