See Ken Jennings' Reaction When 'Jeopardy' Contestants Miss Garth Brooks Clue

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Ken Jennings; Garth Brooks

Ken Jennings was among those who were completely flabbergasted by the contestants on Tuesday's Jeopardy episode, after all three of the players missed what seemed to be a no-brainer clue.

During the Nov. 14 episode of the popular quiz show, Jennings read a clue from the "90s Singers" category, which read: "This country superstar's 'Friends In Low Places' was named CMA Single of the Year in 1991.'" The correct response, country superstar Garth Brooks, was even shown on screen as part of the clue.

But much to the host's surprise, all three of the contestants, including law student Brandon Deutch, who chose the category, as well as marketing manager Emily White and orthopedic physician's assistant Nick Cascone, were utterly stumped.

After the timer ran out with not a single response, Jennings, 49, exclaimed, "Whoa!"

"How soon we forget. That's Chris Gaines' alter ego, Garth Brooks," he further quipped, referring to Brooks' fictional rock persona, whom he created to explore a genre other than country.

But Brooks, 61, is widely known for his work in country music and even regarded as one of the biggest names in the industry, which is why Jennings, and viewers at home, were so confused by the contestants' inability to come up with the correct response.

"How do these three not know who Garth Brooks is??" one user wrote on X after Tuesday's show. "lmao Even if you aren't a country fan, he's one of the most well-known music artists from the 90s. #Jeopardy."

"Everyone missing that Garth Brooks clue was painful to watch. It even had his picture! #jeopardy" someone else pointed out.

"Yelling Garth Brooks at my TV over here #jeopardy," another user added.

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