See Celine Dion deliver ‘legendary’ Bruins lineup read and dance in the crowd at game with her sons

Celine Dion looked like she had a great time with two of her kids at the Boston Bruins game against the New York Rangers.

For the game on Thursday, Dion read the Bruins starting lineup, and the moment was captured in a video the team shared on X.

As soon as Dion walked into the players' locker room, she received a round of applause from everyone in the room.

After she was introduced, Dion kept things very lighthearted.

"Thank you so much for getting ready for me tonight," she told Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo as his teammates laughed.

Dion then enthusiastically read the rest of the names off the list, and every time she announced a player, she was met with an applause.

"Now, THAT’S a legendary lineup read," the Bruins captioned the video on X.

Later, during the game, Dion was seen having a fabulous time with her kids. At one point, cameras caught Dion smiling at the jumbotron, and in another video that was shared on X, she was seen dancing when the cameras panned back to her.

Dion, who suffers from stiff person syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes stiffness and muscle spasms in the body, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, has been taking a break from performing.

Celine Dion at Bruins game (Steve Babineau / NHLI via Getty Images)
Celine Dion at Bruins game (Steve Babineau / NHLI via Getty Images)

In 2021, she canceled her Las Vegas residency due to health issues and then in December 2022, she revealed she was diagnosed with stiff person syndrome.

However, Dion appears to be on the up and up. In November 2023, she brought her kids to see the Montreal Canadiens take on the Vegas Golden Knights.

Then, on March 8, she gave a funny speech to the Edmonton Oilers when they were getting ready to face off against the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

“Celine had Hyms cracking up,” the team captioned a video of Dion's speech, while referencing their winger Zach Hyman.

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