See Candace Cameron Bure, 47, Annihilate A Total-Body Workout On IG

See Candace Cameron Bure, 47, Annihilate A Total-Body Workout On IG
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  • Candace Cameron Bure doesn't mess around with her workouts, which she often does with trainer Kira Stokes.

  • Stokes took to Instagram this week to walk people through Candace's exact workout and exercises on IG while they virtually trained.

  • The actress worked through a slew of lower-body circuits before finishing with some tricep pulldowns.

Candace Cameron Bure makes sure she gets her workouts in *no matter* where she is, which definitely explains how strong she is these days. This week, the Fuller House star’s trainer, Kira Stokes, shared a step-by-step guide to the workout she had Candace doing while they were training on FaceTime together. And trust, you’re definitely going to want to try this one at home!

ICYDK, Candace, 47, has been training with Kira Stokes for a minute now. And Stokes took a moment this week to post an Instagram Story showing her virtual sweat sesh with Candace, which was definitely intense.

In the video clips, Candace starts her workout with banded side steps, squats, and overhead raises (anyone who knows their way around a resistance band knows this is no joke!). Then, Candace transitions to goblet squats with a heavy dumbbell. This move activates your quads, calves, glutes, core, arms, and grip strength. So, it's definitely a useful workout for your repertoire.

Next, Candace moves on to medicine ball slams and kettlebell deadlifts before adding on some pulsing squat holds. The combo makes for a total lower-body muscle burner. But, of course, Candace didn't stop there. Stokes had her turn it up for an upper body segment for the last portion of their workout.

Finally, Candace does some weighted tricep pull-downs with a cable machine. FYI, your triceps make up 66 percent of your upper arm, per Stokes, so they are a pretty important area to work on if you're hoping for all-over tone.

BTW, Stokes commented that they did "lots more work today" on the video, and that she only recorded "a few exercises." Phew! You're crushing it Candace.

If you're curious to know how this star refuels her body after all that hard work, you should know that Candace has previously said that she tries to limit processed foods and also practices intermittent fasting, which she shared with Eating Well. She starts her day with matcha tea and water. For lunch, she goes for a big bowl of whole grains, greens, veggies, and lean proteins.

It’s good to see Candace thriving, and finding a wellness schedule that works for her. "I'm in the best shape of my life in my 40s,” she told the Eating Well. “I'm grateful for my body, which makes me want to continue to care for it well, specifically through the foods I eat, exercising, and getting the rest I need."

Love to see you crushing this workout, Candace!

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