The Secret Tradition Woody Harrelson Started at "SNL"

An institution as old as Saturday Night Live is bound to have developed some secret traditions along the way. However, one of the show's most notable traditions is actually fairly new. When Woody Harrelson hosted SNL in Sept. 2019, he started off a trend for the hosts—and it's one that another star has mistakenly gotten the credit for. Keep reading for the full backstory on this heartwarming SNL tradition, and for more backstage intel, Tina Fey Says This Celebrity Guest Was a "Disaster" On SNL.

Dan Levy said that Woody Harrelson started the tradition of leaving notes for the next SNL host.

During a March 25 interview with Today, Dan Levy decided to clear up some rumors. In February, when Levy hosted SNL, he received praise for starting a heartwarming tradition of leaving a note for the following host.

"I feel the need to clarify this," Levy said on Today. "I didn't start [the tradition]. I kind of continued it." The actor said he was inspired to leave a note after seeing that Harrelson had left one for Phoebe Waller-Bridge back in 2019. And for more on former SNL guests, Kenan Thompson Says This SNL Guest Made the Cast "Extremely Uncomfortable."

Levy asked if he could leave a note for Regina King.

After hosting, Levy asked if he could leave a little bit of encouragement for Regina King, who would be hosting the following week. "I asked if I could leave a note for Regina because the process is such a strange experience," Levy shared. "Strange, wonderful, and intimidating experience that like, a little note from the person that had just done it felt like such a sweet vote of confidence."

Levy left a Post-It note stuck to the dressing room mirror that read, "Regina! You got this!, Much Love Dan." King shared the sweet note on her Instagram story, and then carried on the tradition for the next host. And for a host who made everyone miserable, Maya Rudolph Says This SNL Host Made the Cast Want to Leave.

King left a note for Regé-Jean Page.

King left a note for the host after her, Regé-Jean Page. She wrote "Regé-Jean, you got next and you are going to be amazing!!! I'm a big fan." She drew a heart next to it and signed her name. Page shared her message on his Instagram story and thanked her for the encouragement, adding "the feeling is very mutual." The actor was sure to keep the tradition alive. And for more entertainment news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Page then left a note for Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas was both the host and musical guest of SNL after Page. When he showed up at Studio 8H, Jonas found an encouraging Post-It note on the dressing room mirror that read, "Just have the BEST time Nick!!" Jonas thanked Page for the message on his Twitter and wrote, "that's the plan!" And for a host who will live in infamy, This Is the Worst SNL Host of All Time, Cast Says.