All the Secret Gems in My H&M Cart Right Now

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour

If you’ve ever shopped on or simply looked at the H&M website, then you know that there is a lot to choose from. The women’s section alone has over 7000 products that range from trendy clothing to basics to shoes to jewelry—not that I’m complaining. I love variety, and when you literally shop all day for a living, the more options the better.

However, that’s not to say it can’t be overwhelming, especially for the average consumer. With that in mind, as I’ve done with other mega-sites in the past, I thought I would share the low-key finds I’m loving from H&M right now. Summer is nearly here, so below you’ll find everything from sundresses to swimwear to sandals, all of which are even easier on the wallet than they are on the eyes. To get started shopping my picks—all 32 of them—simply keep scrolling, and when you’re done, be sure to brush up on the most important sneaker, sandal, and swimwear trends of the season, too.

H&M Puff-Sleeved Blouse ($40)

For the love of florals.

H&M Tie-Hem Linen Shirt ($25)

Get the perfect tie every time.

H&M Puff-Sleeved Top ($30)

I know you were eyeing this up top.

H&M Padded Bikini Top ($20)

Sparkly gold bikini? Yes, please.

H&M Denim Shorts High Waist ($25)

The perfect length for this season.

H&M Puff-Sleeved Dress ($30)

Now, let's get you some sporty sandals.

H&M Cotton Paper-Bag Shorts ($13)

The first step in copying this whole outfit is getting the shorts.

H&M Smocked Top ($10)

For when you want a break from the basic.

H&M Strappy Sandals ($25)

These just look so expensive.

H&M Crinkled Cotton Dress ($30)

Just an easy summer dress.

H&M Jersey Maxi Dress ($20)

So good I want to get it in black, too.

H&M Braided Straw Sun Visor ($13)

Sun protection is key.

H&M Wide-Leg Bermuda Shorts ($30)

After all, shorts are the new skirts.

H&M 3-Pack Anklets ($10)

I need all three of these ASAP.

H&M Ribbed Cotton Tank Top ($13)

I love this square neckline.

H&M High Leg Swimsuit ($13)


H&M Sweatshorts ($13)

Get these before they're gone.

H&M Flip-Flops ($18)

Fancy flip-flops FTW.

H&M Pajama Shirt and Shorts ($25)

These cotton pj's are right up my alley.

H&M Leather Makeup Bag ($40)

I love things that hold other things.

H&M Crinkled Wrapover Blouse ($35)


H&M Cotton Puff-Sleeved Blouse ($25)

Sometimes, you just want it cropped.

H&M Bikini Bottoms ($18)

Trendy suits are great and all, but sometimes you just want to keep it simple. 

H&M Slides ($18)

Wear these with everything from dresses to swimsuits.

H&M Seamless Biker Bodysuit ($25)

Summer uniform?

H&M Tank Top ($8)

I'll take the whole outfit.

H&M Ribbed Tank Top ($13)

You can never have enough ribbed tanks.

H&M Padded Bandeau Bikini Top ($20)

Little details make a big difference here.

H&M Sarong ($7)

Everyone needs one of these classic cover-ups.

H&M Balloon-Sleeved Top ($15)

One more puff-sleeve top because you need to see the back of this one.

H&M Smocked-Waist Skirt ($35)

I do love this little skirt.

H&M Bikini Top ($18)

This print!

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