This Secret Drink From Dutch Bros Tastes Like Cinnamon Toast Crunch With a Dash of Pumpkin

·1 min read

Fall is like the Met Gala for seasonal coffee drinks. Baristas fashion their finest concoctions to debut on the red carpet (or drink bar) and wait to see which beverage will get the most attention. Coffee-lovers rate the best and worst dressed tasting drinks based on their amount of fall flavors (yes, pumpkin, we're referring to you) and have high standards that have been shaped by years of impressive PSLs. With a bar raised so high, it's no surprise that caffeine fans have taken the season into their own hands to create drinks that are worthy of the red carpet.

TikToker @mijaa0404 knows all too well just how good a seasonal drink can be and decided to create her own at Dutch Bros. Coined a pumpkin snickerdoodle chai, this beverage is as delicious as it sounds. "It almost tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch but with a little bit of pumpkin in it," she said after taking a sip. With a nine out of 10 rating, the only thing this TikTok user would add to make it even better is another drizzle of caramel. Drooling yet? We are, too. To order this seasonal showstopper, just ask for an iced pumpkin snickerdoodle chai with caramel syrup and caramel drizzle the next time you're at your local Dutch Bros. Sorry, PSLs, but this seasonal drink may have upstaged you!

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